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West Lawrence explosion caused by team destroying military equipment

I agree - can you tell us what the equipment was?

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Kansas attorney general asks state Supreme Court to block same-sex marriage licenses after first wedding performed

This is amazing! I never thought I'd see the day. :)

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Kansas city bans sexual orientation discrimination

First, sex and gender are two different things. Sex is assigned at birth, but gender identity is internal. This explains it better than I ever could -

Race is socially constructed, because humans feel the need to categorize things, we put ourselves into boxes. My father is Mexican and my mother is Caucasian, and while on the outside I present as Caucasian, I identify as Hispanic, and when asked to check a box that's the box I check.

One could attempt to change their physical appearance to look closer to the race they identify as, just as those who identify differently than the sex they were assigned can, but it's an individual choice to make those physical changes.

To directly answer your question, though, I would say yes, someone can identify as a different race. How you identify is entirely a personal choice and not based on the color of your skin. Whether you will be recognized as that race I can't speak to because that will depend on who you're asking to recognize it.

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Kansas city bans sexual orientation discrimination

Yay! Well done, Roeland Park!

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Tea and juice shop to open at Sixth and Wakarusa; West Lawrence grocer making progress

A grocery store out east near the roundabouts on O'Connell would be nice. (Though, would have been most useful during this and the next few years of road construction.)

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City set to approve plans for new West Lawrence grocery store; county and school district ask for more than $500k in fee waivers from city

"The Bauer Farm development in its beginning years certainly had to deal with a national economic downtown that caused a lot of plans to be changed."

Man, that economic downtown was the worst.

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Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse to close after 37 years in business

Both Jefferson's and Buffalo Wild Wings do very good business as far as I can tell. Sports on television help a lot, I'm sure.

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Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse to close after 37 years in business

I may have to go one more time just because it's awesome what he's doing with the profits there at the end.

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KDOT interested in expanding western leg of SLT to four lanes; update on Ninth and N.H. and possible downtown drug store

I sound like an old fogey when I say this, but I wish they'd leave our downtown alone. The more new multi-story buildings that go up, the less charm it has.

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Renderings show dramatic changes on tap for area across from Memorial Stadium

Holy wow! My initial reaction to the story was negative, but after seeing the renderings... wow, that looks amazing. This is change I like.

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