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Wait almost over for murder, arson trial

Too late, Poolside. Every headline they've run on this story has all but sentenced him to die for this... Their attempts to remain objective on this story are laughable at best.

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KBI director is stepping down

Oh, shut up.

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Among Kansans in Congress, caution on a troop surge

"Among Kansans in Congress, caution on a troop surge..."

Unless, of course, you are "Democrat" Nancy Boyda, seen in this clip expressing her blind support for our President, via some very oddball logic:

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Thoughtless act

"You should see what chickens do to each other in a chicken coop."

A) I don't want to speak for anyone else on this site, but I know for a fact that I have a more evolved sense of empathy than most chickens do. I would like to think every other human being in the world does, as well... But if you truly feel that people shouldn't be bound to any code of contact higher than what goes on between animals, I guess that's your thing. Have at it.

B) But on that note, it's funny what kind of mental state ANY living creature will turn to once it's been cooped up against its will. I'd love/hate to hear what your illuminated take on our country's penal system might be...

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Thoughtless act

If name calling is somehow worse than torturing animals, our standards as a society have slipped much worse than I previously thought.

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Thoughtless act

The difference between painting yourself and painting a defenseless animal lies in the area of consent. Human beings are (theoretically) an evolved species with the sense to guage the difference between right and wrong... Preying on something weaker than yourself, whether the consequences are harmful or not (and I somehow doubt that these kids cared on way or another) is most definitely WRONG, as any rational thinking homo sapien should be able to tell you.

Defend these little sh*ts all you want... It just makes the rest of you look stupider and stupider.

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Thoughtless act

Does that mean you're volunteering? I've got the spray paint... And the rope.

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Thoughtless act

WHy don't we take one of you guys out, spray paint your bare body, string you up by the neck at the side of the road for a few hours, then have you come back and write a report about it? Maybe you'll have a bette runderstanding of where this whole "cruelty" thing is coming from.

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Schauner says he will run for re-election

Can't wait to see him leave. Hope the door smacks him twice on the way out.

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Schauner will run again for City Commission

Greatly anticipating election day, when I can do my part to help put this guy out of office. Can I go ahead and vote now?

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