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Tonganoxie hires Randy Weseman as interim superintendent

Lucky them....we are stuck with Doll. I think we got the short end of the stick.

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Lawrence Humane Society to pay workers $10,000 in back pay following federal labor investigation

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Lawrence Humane Society to pay workers $10,000 in back pay following federal labor investigation

If the "lead dawg" does the deed, doesn't the board of the humane society sign off on everything? It is a public non-profit organization, I doubt Midge Grinstead is the accountant. Maybe it's time to clean house at the shelter and start from scratch, board members, president, and director.
So who's taking care of all the animals when everyone involved with the shelter is so busy throwing stones and pointing fingers?

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Lawrence Humane Society to pay workers $10,000 in back pay following federal labor investigation

So who is the accountant that can't figure overtime? Surely the aren't going to try to pin this on Midge Grinstead too. Do they have a certified accountant? Aren't the humane society books/expenses public? Are the animals in charge of the humane society now? I find it odd that the board wants to expand but the executive director doesn't seem to agree. The board puts her on adminstrative leave---paid leave, and then solve NOTHING and then bring her back. Who is paying for all the attorneys? Are my donations going to fund the attorney fees?

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Lawrence Humane Society to consider shelter renovations

Curious if Midge doesn't agree with the expansion, since she keeps using the term "they" and "they've decided" rather than WE. Rumor has it she is only a figure head out there now, and the the board president is there actually running the show.

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Teachers unsure of next assignment

This story isn't a save Amanda Vail's job request. It is to bring light to the fact that when the SONS managed to scare the board into keeping inefficient schools open more teachers lost their jobs. The last statements from Mr. Morgan were lost amid the cheers from the SONS and Band supports who were cheering. He went on to say that most likely there will be deeper cuts and that we won't know just how much until June or possibly July. There are cases to be made to save special first, second, or third year teachers throughout the district. The truth that some administrators do not do the right thing because the person is a nice individual or they think the will get better. The first years of teaching is when you are showing your best, and so if at that point they aren't meeting expectations, why would you give them another chance. Certainly by year three they have either improved or they are out the door.
The district was up front about the personnel problems if the schools were not closed and the student ratio goes up by one, two or three. They haven't even cut 5 million yet and when the state's revenue comes in extremely short, the picture will get much more scary. Thank you SONS!

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School board approves plan to close budget gap without closing schools

Lloyddobbler: you are going to be paying the price at Sunflower. They have already increased the ratio by one, and Morgan says it will most likely have to be increased by 2! The squeaky wheel gets the oil and Morgan oiled the SONS tonight!

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School board approves plan to close budget gap without closing schools

Well Done! I'm so proud to be a Lawrencian. Good choices. They weren't easy and they won't be easy in the future but a Community Task Force is a great way to achieve the goal of improving communication.

Vanessa Sanborn. Wow. She's just great!!!

I will agree that Vanessa Sanborn is amazing. She managed to eliminate the teaching jobs of excellent teachers. She has increased student class size in schools which will impact school/student achievement, and she will bankrupt the contigency fund within two years. So, yes-WOW!

Sadly I think tonight's meeting will end up achieving nothing other than saving band and orchestra and giving Mr. Morgan a break from the hate mails and nasty comments toward him.
Kennedy doesn't have the room for this proposition so now all those Kennedy parents better get loud and angry and then they will come up with a proposition to keep their school intact.
Mr. Morgan said it best when he stated that you can't have 5 schools that house 50% of the students in the district and 10 that house the other 50%.

Vanessa Sanburn should look beyond her own family, student, and neighborhood school. There is a community responsiblitiy that she agreed to when she joined the board. If you want to sit at the adult table, you must act like one. Students will pay for Sanburn's, "like" lack of understanding!

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Live updates: School board set to meet again to make more budget cuts

Maybe the public won't be as disrespectful as last night. Having conversations between groups while other members are talking and the rest of the audience is attempting to listen. Or appaulding when the board member that has children at your school makes a comment. There is an appropriate way to speak at the meeting, so hopefully tonight the audience will figure it out!

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Share the burden

If you close a school you save more teaching jobs. If you close some schools you will eliminate the classrooms of 13, 14, and 17 students at New York. Unfair? Go find Randy W. and Bruce P. and talk to them about how unfair this is. They set this district up for failure and jumped ship. I agree to look at learning coaches, guidance counselors in the elementary schools, and the jobs held by anyone else over at the district office that doesn't directly work with studnets. Within the last four years there have been more positions created for "chief officers" than in the past. Why do we need them all? Head of math, head of reading, head of SPED, head of all the heads, head of textbooks.....and they just keep going!

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