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What is your favorite memory at Liberty Hall?

I remember my mom telling that she saw Roy Rogers at the Opera House in the 50s I believe. If I remember right it was Bugsy's when I was in high school, 70s, and had a lighted disco floor.

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Revised Ninth and New Hampshire project still fails review

It looks just like Bert Nash...and that looks like a jail.....

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Scam in Lawrence area involves so-called tech-support call about computer viruses

These folks called me atleast once a week for 5-6 weeks. I hung up on them at first but the last time I challenged their knowledge of what was going on with my system and I told them I didn't believe Micro soft monitored and called people. I haven't heard from them since.

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Sound Off: Where are public tornado shelters located in Lawrence?

My mobile home park has been told to go to the hospital, about 3 blocks away.
But they do not allow us to bring our pets in, even if they are crated.
I believe any state where tornadoes are expected, mobile home parks should be required to have an on site shelter

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What home improvement project are you working on?

Exterior window and door!

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6 mobile homes condemned, some families displaced for safety risks

The city of Lawrence has a real issue with Mobile Home parks anyway. I live in one of the nicer parks but the city codes have changed so much our manager is unable to move in any new units to replace the rundown units that have been moved out. There is a bid by a contractor on this property to build, you guessed it, more apartments.

There are some of us who cannot afford a mortgage on traditional housing and a mobile home was the next option. Times are getting harder, people cannot afford houses, and rents in Lawrence are outrageous.

The park in North Lawrence is neglected, part of the issue is an out of town owner.

I sincerly hope that the displaced families can find the help they need so they can get their children settled so they can continue in their current schools with minimal disruption.

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Lawrence's rental licensing ordinance at center of legislative dispute

A dead give away should be the number of mailboxes on the house.
If that doesn't work, can you ask the Postal Service?

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City takes steps to change trash system

Seems as the trash guys have already started their choice....the trash in my traditional trash can was not picked up but the rest of my street was. And yes, it was out EARLY!
And the mobile home community I live in charges 6$ rental on city can that be? Something stinks and it ain't garbage.

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Police respond to shots fired in west Lawrence early Sunday

And somebody thinks we need MORE apartments in town. ...sigh...Good Grief

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Drug testing for Kansas welfare recipients proposed

Drug testing needs to be written into the "argeement," that anyone receiving any form of public assistance, that testing WILL occur. Without notice, on the spot.
It goes without saying that those found in possession of illegal substances (arrested and or convicted) should automatically be dropped from assistance and not receive benefits for x amount of time.
There has to be some sort of accountability on the part of those receiving benefits.
As an operator of an automobile, I have a legal responsibility to follow the traffic laws, carry insurance and drive soberly........ Its a privilege not a right.
Why should receiving public assistance be any different.?

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