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Town Talk: Water line breaks up 80 percent in city, more than $72M of lines to replace by 2030; KU duo proposes plan to reuse more than a dozen trees to be cut down by library project

Seems like water supply and police should take the priority over Farmland, and a rec area/fieldhouse. Replacing outdated waterlines should be addressed each and every year
instead of waiting till they fail. People and businesses don't fair too well with out water.

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What is your opinion of daylight saving time?

It messes with my sleep cycles.

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City likely to require test to answer burial puzzle at Ninth and New Hampshire

I agree. Any unmarked remains found during construction should be treated with respect. I think it is everyone's responsibility to make sure that happens. I think testing now before construction crews are on site is in everyone's best interest. Why wait until the workers and bulldozers are on site and have to wait because the 2nd scoop of earth contains bones.

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Town Talk: On the lookout for buried soldiers at Ninth and N.H.; does a one-block bike lane do any good?; fees for new electric golf carts on the rise at Eagle Bend

If the traffic is bad enough you need a "break" from it, why not get off the bike and walk it down the sidewalk. Good grief...and the last thing they need to do downtown is lose parking spaces.
As for a right turn lane, people just need to be a little more patient, please.

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One person injured in one car accident, driver flees scene

If anyone cares beyond the drunk, fleeing driver and the bar, by what ever name at 19th and Haskell......the young lady who was the passenger in the van is doing alright at KUMC. She is busted up pretty badly but is expected to recover from her injuries. She just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I believe we have all been guilty of that at least once in our lives.

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Another suspect charged in rash of home burglaries

Thanks for the laugh!

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Woman flown to KU Hospital after being struck by vehicle

Is the KU mentality.......yesterday afternoon on a neighborhood street 3 male students were walking down the middle of the street and could care less that I was coming at them in a car. Sorry folks...some of these people are just asking to be hit.

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Trash carts coming October 15

I guess they could start a new game trend on Friday and Saturday nights after the bars close.
Open, insert drunk student, start at the Oread and push down the hill.
The one that goes the farthest wins!

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Trash carts coming October 15

We have no choice....welcome to the Soviet City of Lawrence....

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City allows Ninth, N.H. retail/hotel project to move forward

If we as a city use our tax dollars to fund this project, do we get profit sharing?

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