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Jefferson's Restaurant assets to be sold at auction

Amen! The staff was stuck up and they were alway rude to Kennyboy!

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Two sexual assaults reported overnight

So somebody has to be on drugs to commit a crime? That may possibly be the most ignorant statement I've ever heard.

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KU faculty, Gov. Parkinson express concerns over ticket scandal

Don't feel sorry for Brady yet. There is absolutely no proof that Roger was involved. So far it is just he said, she said and that would be from Dave Freeman. Prosecuters caught him lying on the witness stand for Mick Wunders trial, but of course nothing was done about it because it didn't end up having an effect on Wunders outcome.

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Williams Fund head formally resigns; Perkins chooses interim associate director

Or it means that everybody wants him gone and won't be satisfied until her is. Kinda like JimJones comment about Lew. Seems to me that LJW just did a story about KU conducting 5 internal audits and KU not finding anything that would have flagged the feds. Interesting.

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Lawrence developer set to be sentenced Thursday in Junction City bribery case

I don't think you know what you are talking about, but talk away, like you know these people.

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Victim’s friends urge driver to ‘man up’ to hit-and-run

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Winter storm warning continues for Leavenworth, Jefferson counties, downgraded to winter weather advisory in Douglas County

Amazing! I live in Grantville, which is about 8 miles east from North Topeka, and we have just about 3 inches of snow.The roads are snow packed and very slow-moving. It's usually only about a 30 minute drive to Lawrence from me but today it sounds like it's going to take a bit longer.

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Lawrence man charged in hit-and-run accident that killed bicyclist

I agree with Kewlb. Though it was a horrible accident and many are hurt from it, Lawrence is one of the worst cities for bikers not following the rules of the road. I would also like to know what the results were, or if they gave a blood test to determine if she had been drinking. It is illegal to operate a bicycle while drinking, as we all know.

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Former Junction City mayor admits on tape that he accepted money from Lawrence developer

You know what's funny? Big D Construction invoiced First Management for 15,000 for fixing the concrete work at Overland Point because Tri County botched the work. That is the check that was cashed. Just because Freeman had paid Wunder with that money, doesn't mean Compton funded it. That is like saying somebody owed me baby sitting money and I used it to buy drugs. Doesn't mean they gave me the money for drugs, just that they owed me the money and I used it for something illegal. Freeman is trying to push the burden on someone else so his punishment isn't as harsh. The prosecution left that out, and since Compton is not on trial he can't defend.

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