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Out to lunch

The point is that chips and nacho cheese and sugared milk are food products, not healthy food, and should not even be "offered". It's a poor use of tax dollars and a ruse to neglect poor children. And it's Dr Toumi, not Ms.

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Out to lunch

That's Dr Toumi sweetie.

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Out to lunch

The quality of food is very very poor. Nacho cheese that was served is not even a food, it's a "food product". How can that even be legal? It's not even food.

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Out to lunch

My kids can raid my fridge anytime - there certainly aren't any chips. Mmm strawberries.

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Out to lunch

Thank you for teaching!

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Out to lunch

I ate the potato, but not a single child eating school lunch did. Even my husband chose the chips, since our daughter did. He wanted to experience it with her. I said, no thanks. But hey, I have extensive knowledge regarding this stuff, and 6 year olds are still learning to read. Of course they will pick chips.

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Out to lunch

I'm a mom, nurse, and now a chemist, so of course I noticed who was eating what. And my kids love it when I talk to their friends at school.

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Push to privatize is on the table

Yeah, since privatization of the federal government worked so well and saved so much money, look at Halliburton and much they helped us... forget that soldiers occasionally went hungry. Look at BlackWater, ignore the fact that Iraqi civilians were murdered by their employees... great.

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KU blind spot

I wonder where Jim Marchiony and other people making decisions in KU athletics are even from? I'm a native Kansan and I love parades. I'm a little nerdy like that! Maybe the 1988 parade is why I love them - because that was spectacular! It's as though these guys are not just out of touch, but out of this world. Nothing personal to Jim, but really. We love parades around here.

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Home first

Dear Lacolonia - Yes, WWII was mostly over seas (ever heard of Pearl Harbor??). My point was expressing my disdain for people in my parents' generation and my own for spending unwisely and not fulfilling their personal responsibilities before they go shopping. That attitude has reached a pinnacle in our federal government and at the University of Kansas's leadership.

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