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New wave of oil drilling disrupts rural neighborhoods

Fracking and tar sands pipeline running through the Midwest where we grow the food... What are we... Dodo birds?!?

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Pinckney students dig into history

Special thanks to Ace Hardware for donating all the child sized gloves we needed for this project!

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Editorial: Bond reservations

Are we sure that tobacco use causes cancer? Is global warming really happening at the hands of humans? Is evolution real?

Our dear editors' logic is the same of the tobacco lawyers and those that deny obvious & accepted scientific fact. Question something and then you've discredited it, RIGHT?

Um, no. Cordley has one working boys' bathroom. Fact. Lawrence has rejected the consolidation efforts of Doll et al. Fact. You may feel differently, but you would be in the minority. That's your right, but time to recognize that! This town has a majority that favors strong neighborhoods & local schools. Not every family can own two cars and drive to their 500 student elementary school at 8 and 3. Get real.

The Chamber publicly endorsed the bond March 1st. Business leaders will have a chance to put some of their own money where their mouths are - and maybe they'll get some influence in the location of expanded vo-tech education buildings. Minor detail.

What is disgusting to me is that some of my fellow Lawrence residents would really rather have crumbling schools (which decreases future employment opportunities, decreases home values) just to save $120/year on their property taxes. Maybe you aren't in a financial situation to BE a homeowner if that $120 is really going to break you. When I write that check every December at the court house, it's a duty that I carry out with pride.

26% of LHS/FSHS graduates go directly into the work force... with what skills? It's a really big deal that the Board of Regents approved these expanded technical educational opportunities for our students, and what a loss to our community if we don't act now, when the time is right.

Think of the families that will come off of Medicaid and food stamps because Dad gets a new construction job - and YES, the school board is committed to keeping these jobs local. That's worth more than $120/year to me!

If this isn't more reason to invest in education, then I don't know what is: Please do not "assure" i.e. make the quality education feel nice, please ENSURE quality education by voting YES on Question 1 April 2nd.

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Doll says no plans for widespread drug testing

Wth? Do you know what pot costs & what teachers make? Incongruent argument.

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Lawrence schools preparing for next digital revolution

Anyone else see the disconnect with using the bond money for ”equity upgrades” but having teachers pick different books for low income urban kids?? This is beyond disturbing and negates the entire purpose of common core. Duh.

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Brownback, senators refused to help Topeka school district in grant application for federal funds

Also, Gotland, really? Obama loved his mother. A white girl from Kansas...

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Brownback, senators refused to help Topeka school district in grant application for federal funds

What a waste of tax payer $, studying common core... Why study something adopted state wide nearly three years ago?? And how disrespectful to our state's public school teachers. They are working very very hard at learning the new standards, and planning on how to modify their practices to implement the new standards. It is disrespectful to denigrate something that so much earnest effort is being poured into. I'm not surprised though. Anything affecting primarily women in Kansas will be blocked, hampered, disrespected, and treated with heavy hands...

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Out to lunch

The point is that chips and nacho cheese and sugared milk are food products, not healthy food, and should not even be "offered". It's a poor use of tax dollars and a ruse to neglect poor children. And it's Dr Toumi, not Ms.

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Out to lunch

That's Dr Toumi sweetie.

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Out to lunch

The quality of food is very very poor. Nacho cheese that was served is not even a food, it's a "food product". How can that even be legal? It's not even food.

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