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Residents voice dissent at information session on proposed whitewater center

What part of "NO!" was difficult to understand?

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Double Take: Take charge with daughter who won't take birth control

I'm concerned you are printing that there is no reason to not be "on birth control"? You seem to only speak of hormonal birth control. How about increased risk of blood clots, stroke, and death? How about severe mood disorders?

This is a rather misogynistic and offensive piece that A) indicates all women regret abortions B) says young women should be chemically controlled.

A respectful and responsible response could include taking the young woman to a fertility awareness class (similar to Natural Family Planning or NFP offered by the Catholic church, only barriers are used during times of fertility.) Planned Parenthood and others recommend using TWO forms of birth control at all times when a child is really not welcome. This can include condoms every time, and avoiding intercourse all together during fertility windows. This approach puts the young woman in connection with her body and requires responsibility from her partner(s), two ideas lacking in your responses.

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Lawrence commission advisory committee discusses plans, timeline for filling vacancy

Anyone can apply. No one has. It will be interesting! If you have strong feelings about this I hope you apply.

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3 suspects in custody after high-speed police chase ends in Lawrence

I'm glad the chase was for a really good reason. They didn't clear 6th street and my husband and kids were nearly sideswiped by the suspects - I'm sure driving 70 miles an hour on 4 flat tires makes steering a challenge. But that sucked. Caitlin I like your tweets.

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Breastfeeding in Lawrence - Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week! -- 08/01/15 at Lawrence Public Library

We will have professional photographers to take a family photo for you! There will be a fun selfie station! Slide show of breastfeeding families! Free cookies! Bring your own favorite milk ;)

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State employees, including those at KU, could face furloughs if budget not resolved soon

ALEC puppets Wagle and Merrick got what they wanted. Destroy the state government while environmental destruction, health disparities, and opportunistic styles of capitalism continues with wild abandon. Kill public ed at all levels. Funnel extra state money to churches via special considerations such as recommending certain foster parents. Spend all the KDOT dough. You won, ALEC. But I'm not leaving.

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Lawrence taking precautions after Topeka sewage leaks into Kansas River

I live very near the river. It's foamy and more smelly when there's been a raw sewage dump upstream. You could tell Monday and Tuesday. Thursday wasn't as bad (thankfully, as my dog went for a swim! Yuck!) But why is no-water Clinton Lake the answer? KU's Chemistry department has students test it every year. The fecal coliform is so high I won't swim when we boat. Just can't.

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KU chemistry professor Craig Lunte remembered

Also just a good, honest scientist with a skill for teaching. Craig was the coolest.

April 17, 2015 at 8:34 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Results: Soden, Boley, Herbert top Lawrence City Commission vote

Melinda, it's April 2015. None of the properties around me have been inspected. My neighbors could die from faulty wiring any time. Windows don't open. No sinks in bathrooms. It's criminal.

April 7, 2015 at 11:12 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Results: Soden, Boley, Herbert top Lawrence City Commission vote

I appreciate Jeremy most of the time, but I hate the inspection program. It's weak, slow, and has no protections for renters. All sorts of people have been dumped out of rental homes suddenly. How is it legal for B. Yoder to rent out apartments with tarps covering the roof? It's all crazy.

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