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State employees, including those at KU, could face furloughs if budget not resolved soon

ALEC puppets Wagle and Merrick got what they wanted. Destroy the state government while environmental destruction, health disparities, and opportunistic styles of capitalism continues with wild abandon. Kill public ed at all levels. Funnel extra state money to churches via special considerations such as recommending certain foster parents. Spend all the KDOT dough. You won, ALEC. But I'm not leaving.

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Lawrence taking precautions after Topeka sewage leaks into Kansas River

I live very near the river. It's foamy and more smelly when there's been a raw sewage dump upstream. You could tell Monday and Tuesday. Thursday wasn't as bad (thankfully, as my dog went for a swim! Yuck!) But why is no-water Clinton Lake the answer? KU's Chemistry department has students test it every year. The fecal coliform is so high I won't swim when we boat. Just can't.

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KU chemistry professor Craig Lunte remembered

Also just a good, honest scientist with a skill for teaching. Craig was the coolest.

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Results: Soden, Boley, Herbert top Lawrence City Commission vote

Melinda, it's April 2015. None of the properties around me have been inspected. My neighbors could die from faulty wiring any time. Windows don't open. No sinks in bathrooms. It's criminal.

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Results: Soden, Boley, Herbert top Lawrence City Commission vote

I appreciate Jeremy most of the time, but I hate the inspection program. It's weak, slow, and has no protections for renters. All sorts of people have been dumped out of rental homes suddenly. How is it legal for B. Yoder to rent out apartments with tarps covering the roof? It's all crazy.

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Results: Soden, Boley, Herbert top Lawrence City Commission vote

Hmm. Farmer's heart is in the right place, but it looks like he has never dealt with crooks who water down concrete or guys that have illegal hiring practices in drywall operations. The other 2, being experienced in dealing with all kinds of people, should have done better. Whoever the next mayor is, s/he has an enormous amount of work to do in regaining the voter's trust.

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Police PAC issues statement against Soden; Board of Realtors PAC gets nearly $15K from national organization; SLT concept plan could create major changes near Clinton Parkway

We smear the only female candidate over partaking in national social media conversations? How is Chicago developer money bribing our city leaders possibly story #2? Ugh, Chad or editor fail.

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New arts and culture director leaving Lawrence after three months on job

Um, we have (roughly!) 78% bachelor degrees and 48% MS/PhD and massive under employment in this town. Stop picking people from out of state who foolishly think their spouse is going to become gainfully employed in a completely saturated job market. Do the math.

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KU students raise funds to pay for records request

$65/hour at a public university that is NOT a professor? Doesn't that say what's wrong with KU right there?

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