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St. John's Catholic Church begins planning for major expansion

I grew up going to school at St. John's. I have to say, I hate the idea of changing that beautiful church. I realize there are space problems, but what can I say, logic rarely wins in a war with nostalgia.

I went a few times to Corpus Christi's big church out west-- it seemed so impersonal-- like watching a concert at Sandstone vs. Liberty Hall.

Not that I should have a say in the matter really-- I don't live in Lawrence anymore and haven't been to church in years. Still, I hope they realize that what they have there is pretty special-- and wouldn't adding on to the north and south sides mean losing the stained glass windows?

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The Lawrence We Remember: Things We Miss

1) Fantasy Land roller rink.(33rd & Iowa)
2) Aladdin's Castle. (Near Pizza Shuttle)
3) Paradise Cafe. (Where Vermont St. BBQ is now)
4) The big, dangerous, metal rocketship in Broken Arrow Park. Also, merry-go-rounds in general.
5) West Lawrence having farms-- and countryside that you could fish and camp in.
6) The Lazer before it was bought out.
7) Driving through dirt roads to get to the YSI soccer fields.
8) Donuts from Carol Lee's or Joe's Bakery
9) The Pirate Punk House
10) The Java Break when it had a library in the back.
11) The crazy, whacked-out design of South Jr. High School (and its murals).

Recent Casualties
12) Deadwood Edition
13) The Cheese Shop.
14) Yello-Sub on campus

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Should Kansas University officials be allowed to enter rooms in student housing uninvited if authorities believe illegal drinking or drug use is happening inside?

I guess I think of sneaking drinks into the dorm as just part of the dorm experience. Everyone I knew in the dorms was always playing drinking games in their rooms and puking in the bathroom the next day. I remember I was lucky enough to make friends with the security guards-- they helped us sneak a pony keg up to my buddy's room a few times. Face it people-- a good deal of college involves underage drinking, and that's not the worst thing in the world.

Whether this warrantless search and seizure is legal or not, isn't really the question. It's just stupid. Students will still drink-- you'll just be forcing them to drink outside the dorm and most likely drive home afterwards. The way some of these posts are written, you'd guess no one on this forum had ever lived in a dorm.

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Health, not wealth

Neo-conservatives please-- Get over it. It's gonna happen. People need health care and all the bs you can throw up here is not going to change that. It's only a matter of time and you're just wasting your energy. If you had been screwed over by the health insurance industry, you might understand this better.
So let me put it to you as clearly as possible: This idea and movement is not going away and will only become stronger every year that people don't have health coverage. You are fighting a losing battle. Give it up. You'll sleep better.

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Lawrence police begin ticketing those trespassing on Bowersock Dam

The world's a dangerous place. Get over it. In fact that's part of the fun of living. When I was a teenager, we used to find ourselves in all sorts of places we shouldn't be. We weren't hurting anyone, and if we were ever caught, we were just told to leave. Sometimes it got pretty dangerous, but we were bored and it was fun.

I've been down near those spillways plenty of times and they're not that treacherous. Given the right situation accidents can happen anywhere. What's next-- tickets for all the kids who don't wear bike helmets? Maybe we should start ticketing people who walk home at night alone. I've heard some people get attacked sometimes. Sounds like a job for the safety police.

If you really don't want kids down there then give them something in town that's fun to do. Lawrence used to have a rollerskating rink, a miniature golf course, and a few cool arcades. I guess there's still the pool and the bowling alley, but the more the merrier when it comes to that kind of stuff. Trust me when I say that if there's nothing better to do, kids will just find some other "dangerous" place to trespass.

As far as the police go... how about putting some manpower into cracking the case on all those times my car got hit in a downtown parking lot.

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Downtown dirt

And yet you still read the letter to the editor column from the Lawrence paper-- sounds like you can't get enough of the dream.

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Downtown dirt

I know people don't like all the bickering that goes on on these forums, but after being away from Lawrence for a few years, it's actually kind of great to see. It's not in every town that people care enough to complain about what would otherwise seem like a few meaningless cigarette butts on the ground. Hometown pride-- you gotta love it.

And let me just say to the hippiephobics-- It goes without saying that you're completely full of it, but I have to admit that a modest amount of hippie-bashing can be pretty hilarious.

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$12 million settlement reached in lawsuit over deadly 2005 Boardwalk Apartment fire

Oh the poor, rich management company... let us all shed a tear for their insurance company's $12 million loss to the greedy spiteful families of the fire's victims. If only rental companies could get a fair shake in this town-- they've always been so exploited by college kids and the rest of the lower class. I don't really know what fascism means, but this sure sounds like it.

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Air quality

Coal is the past.Clean coal is a pipe dream.Oil is only going to get more expensiveSolar and wind are the future, but they ain't gonna be cheap either.We (the U.S.) is probably going to have to learn to live more efficiently.

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Global threat

( - Reports circulating on the Internet tell of an oil field spanning parts of western North Dakota and eastern Montana where 400 billion barrels of oil supposedly are just waiting to be tapped. However, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) tells Cybercast News Service that those huge estimates are "a myth."A USGS report issued in April estimates that there are between 3 billion to 4.3 billion barrels of oil in what is referred to as "the Bakken Formation" -- well below the 400 billion barrels discussed on the Web, but up from the previous estimate of 151 million barrels made in 1995.

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