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Lawrence police arrest person after parking lot fight with gunshot fired

Is there a follow up/update to this story?

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Juliannie: The water rinse spray was excellent. I thought I ...

Hello, I wish I had seen your comment earlier; same thing happened to me this morning. The telephone number is conveniently out of order as well. Did you get a chance to dispute the $10 charge?

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Greyhound gets 90 more days to find permanent bus stop in Lawrence

Since the Amtrak station is only open once a day, seems that would be a good location for Greyhound. Maybe work out something with the station,make upgrades, make bathrooms accessible for those waiting on the bus.

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Undaunted by storms, Lawrence High School graduates Class of 2016

Yesterday was definitely a proud moment for youngest graduating from LHS! Great memories that I will treasure. I will miss the Music program; Dr Dunn and Mr Jones were very inspirational in my daughter's four years there.

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Late touchdown keeps Lions unbeaten

OMG, what a game! The boys played a great game. It was hard to see them down but they pulled an upset, rain and all. Go Lions!!!!!

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Witness: 12-year-old struck by car in downtown Lawrence 'flew 30 feet'

Pedestrians don't have a chance. Drivers are always in a hurry, block the crosswalk and almost seem as if you shouldn't be walking at all. I've had several close calls, including today at 27th and Iowa. I always try to make it a habit to make eye contact with the driver, making sure they see me; I don't want to assume anything. Pedestrians need to be just as cautious. Don't be distracted. Don't assume just because you have the light and you are crossing in the crosswalk that driver's are paying attention. Praying that the victim recovers from her injuries.

July 16, 2014 at 6:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

City wants feedback on proposed changes to transit system

I agree they should move into the old Border's location. There would plenty of room for a customer service area to sell bus passes, provide directions on how to navigate the bus system, etc. Riders can wait indoors, out of the elements if necessary.

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Body found off Kansas Highway 10 identified as 37-year-old shelter resident

The bus service is not free; they have to pay like everyone else. I ride the bus to East Hills Business Park and it is not uncommon to see someone from the Shelter walking along side K-10; sometimes flagging the bus down.

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LHS student with muscular dystrophy a crowd favorite in 'Showtime'

I have enjoyed of of the acts but this by far was very inspiring and uplifting. If you haven't attended Showtime, you're missing a treat. I've seen it twice so far and can't wait for the final performance tonight!

April 26, 2014 at 4:25 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Lawrence High graduation

I almost let their presence ruin my moment of watching my child graduate but that soon passed when I remembered why I was there in the first place...Congratulations Class of 2013! You did us proud!

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