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Kansas Supreme Court reverses issuance of permit to build coal-fired power plant in southwest Kansas

Get rid of the coal industry subsidies and tax breaks and all the health costs it causes people and then compare what it really costs to produce coal energy instead of the phony price you are pretending. How about the permanent devastation mountaintop removal permanently inflicts. The economies that are ruined and the peoples lives that are ruined from this crime against the earth and all its living creatures. How about the poisoned fisheries in every state, how about the dead forests and the acid rain and the people crippled with mercury poisoning (mostly infants and children). How about the cost to the work force while people are home treating the illnesses the coal industry has inflicted on them. How about the health of those people. How about the damage to the ozone.

If all these costs created by your so called "coal is cheap energy" fantasy's were tallied you would find the alternative choices much less expensive. Time for the flat landers to get out of the "pretending" energy business and let the responsible people take over.

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Kansas Supreme Court reverses issuance of permit to build coal-fired power plant in southwest Kansas

"Gov. Sam Brownback, a Republican, blasted the ruling, saying the court had joined "President Obama's war on American energy" and "struck a significant blow to the struggling rural communities of southwest Kansas.""

Pretending, thats all, lying that the coal plant is for kansas. The sole purpose for the plant is to profit its owners and investors. The "energy" Brownback lies about is for sale and not for western Kansas. The same tiresome old "myth" that the republicans lie about with the keystone pipeline. It goes to the gulf of mexico for export and is owned by the corporate oil cartels. There is no proof or assurance it will benefit the US . The anti people party is lying to the people for the oligarchy's profit. Their profit. All these energy scams profits are at the expense of the peoples health and livelihood.

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Opinion: Syria reveals Obama incompetence

Chuck, why not save time and just print in your article "I hate obama" because trying to find a new way to say that every column shows your incompetence and lack of imagination.

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Mrs. Mass.: Home-grown groceries

The merc is really the lesser of two evils in the grocery store lineup. They have a bulk area which is great. From there on, you get the status quo on "over packaged" products. Where "marketing" takes precedence over "necessary" packaging, there is very little that separates the Merc from the big box corporate grocers. When it comes to sodium, most products in the merc are loaded but slightly less than others. When it comes to food coloring only the individual food producers limit food coloring in their products. The Merc is very food coloring tolerant.When it comes to the bottom line and treatment of employees, the Merc can make very few claims over the corporate box grocers. If you read labels and shop for the "healthier" items the Merc stocks you can find food that is better for you. If you just think I got it at the Merc so its probably OK, then you might not be much better off than just saving some money and shopping at Dillons, Hy-vee, and the rest of the usual suspects. Nice of the Ljw to give them some free advertisement though.

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Letter: Health exchange stats

"First, I have read the whole ACA." and interpreted it with your biases even if you really did read it.

"Second, I have been employed in the Health Care arena for 32 years."hmm, been a part of the problem for 32 years.

Repeating the republican talking points and patronizing yourself as a job creator doesn't support any of your unsubstantiated claims. Funny how all you people think your the only one who works and everyone you disagree with doesn't. At least you provide a little humor.

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New Vermont Street parking lot opens

Never realized how ugly $6.1 million could be.

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Nearly 200 cited or arrested by special police detail working college party crowds

Hallelujah!!! Crack down on those infidels. Pesky kids. Maybe its not to late for them to go to school in a town that doesn't have a police state. And just think of all the other, even sometimes law-abiding citizens, who got caught up in this fish net. Wonder if they kept records on how many of these criminals took the tag of their mattresses.

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City of Lawrence to consider running events expected to bring thousands downtown

"Wow, and I thought I was paranoid", pete . Yes , you are.

The people, like yourself, who think that we need these "saturation" exercises by the police in order to be safe are the paranoid ones. I feel quite comfortable with an adequate amount of police patrolling and annoying when, as I posted, there is a cop car every where you look. These saturation points are also very expensive.

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City of Lawrence to consider running events expected to bring thousands downtown

I found that enjoying coming downtown for the shows this weekend was greatly diminished because everywhere I drove there were police cars behind me, in front of me, coming towards me and others with their lights flashing with a car they had pulled over. This really ruins the spirit of coming downtown. It feels like I am driving around in a jail. One wrong move and you've had it. You also have to keep in mind these guys got guns and will discharge them if they decide to. You really don't want to be caught in the crossfire.

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Brownback appoints his chief counsel, Caleb Stegall, to the Kansas Court of Appeals

This an open and shut case. The Kansas government is a private club. Members only

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