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KU chancellor writes that possible state budget cuts would mean loss of at least 38 faculty jobs

They need to eliminate 38 UPS "director/assistant director" administrator positions that the 2million dollar+ consultants "HURON" said were needed to bring KU forward.......HA! They got a bunch of people running around with titles making at least 50k going to meetings, meetings, meetings implementing changes that don't work.....back tracking and more meetings attempting to figure out fixes to the changes... and the everyday peeps get more piled on without pay increases...oh excuse me we did get abit of one last year after about a 3year absence. Just so much BSing........ HOWEVER most of us "peeps" are definitely thankful and fortunate to have jobs with benefits so this is not a complaint... just an opinion!

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Police respond to multiple incidents overnight, numerous arrests made

"jpinkman posted - LPD has a reputation for having an extraordinary number of "internal problems". (In other words, many are less than trustworthy. Not all, but many.)" I couldn't have said it better if I had tried "MANY ARE LESS THAN TRUSTWORTHY" and they do get off on the power trip and feeling of self-importance. I will keep the rest of my thoughts to myself....

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Committee quizzes SRS about funding for people with disabilities, faith-based initiatives

"Faith Based"......WHY is the current KS Governor and other executives getting away with requiring "prayer" at the beginnings of meetings???? Employees fear for their jobs so are not questioning or speaking out about these new requirements......such a sad state of affairs.

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback pushes faith mentors for state prison inmates

Why doesn't he match inmates leaving state prisons and a faith-based mentor to serve every individual who will no longer have funds to pay for needed assistance etc. Give the released individuals a challenge to give back to society and prove what they have figured a thing or two out.

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Painful chapter

WRONG....WRONG...Oh so WRONG............... where is the justice?

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President Barack Obama's birth certificate released by White House

So.............. does this mean that all politicians currently holding office or considering running for office need to release a birth certificate? If not...why not???? Kudos to the President for taking time from his schedule to clear this up for those who had nothing better to do than question the issue. The masses wonder why the white house isn't doing this or that................. if politics wasn't such a bunch of hogwash maybe more significant issues would get handled on a daily basis.

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Kansas Athletics Inc., not KU, paying for funeral of Robinson's mother and cost of sending team to D.C.

God Bless Kansas Athletics Inc.... so proud to be a JayHawk at this time. Prayers and blessing to Thomas, his sister and all those who help and support. Prayers n positive thoughts to those who doubt the sincerity of these actions.

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What’s the worst piece of furniture you’ve ever had to move?

an antique armoire I have - it has sent some of my favorite dudes running LOL

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Kansas House committee approves 5 percent pay cut for state employees

As long as the senators/congressmen-women/govenor and all others in the higher administration of the state do the same or even take a 10% it would be alot easier to handle. (My apologies if that is already part of the plan.)

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Lew Perkins gets $750,000 bonus

Outrageous.................. I am an avid supporter of KU athletics - HOWEVER this is outrageous. A Kansas based company is losing it's contract for athletics concessions - TO SAVE MONEY and they are giving 750,000 to the AD. How wrong is this......... and it was for a job he didn't go to in 2006........ I had always had respect for the Chancellor but this makes it pretty rocky. Of course it happens when he is about to resign........... where is your respect for KU soon to be ex-Chancellor Hemenway. We the middle class are losing jobs up there WOW 750,000 could pay 100 to 200 of us for a year.

Where does this crap all end. I brainwash myself everyday to keep the faith and for what!

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