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New system in Lawrence lets riders locate a bus via text message

Much of the API for a "3rd party app" has already been written with Google Trip Planner in Google maps if you were to place NFC tags or place 2d barcodes at each stop with the embedded URL to the said location it would make for a much easier user experience and probally be much more cost effective than using short messaging services.
Although that would only be useful for smartphones

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City looking to replace part of Rock Chalk Park roadwork after contractor disregarded warning from inspector

Why don't we just rename the city hall Fritzel, Compton and Montgomery-Adair Bank?

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Audit finds serious problems, possible federal violations in state information technology services office

So how long has the legislature known of these financial discrepancies? Because from this it sounds like somebody was playing a bit of CYA in the governors office.

"Anthony Schlinsog, chief information technology officer of Gov. Sam Brownback's administration, said OITS had embarked on a series of changes, starting in early 2012, to address some of the problems highlighted by the audit."

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Longtime leader of Headquarters departs; organization cuts hours of suicide prevention line

I personally believe that it might be more beneficial if the timing was reversed to being available midnight to 8 a.m. the night time hours are a very critical time gap for many within the grasps of depression and other factors that lead to suicidal thoughts. Some may feel more at ease and feel cared about by someone local where now someone in that situation may feel their only choice is to sit through the pain overnight or take action on those thoughts because they rather not deal with first responders and/or the ER.

This is just my opinion for whatever it is worth.

But in closing I will say Headquarters makes a huge positive difference for many

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Moran: Affordable Care Act beyond repair

When you cut off resources temporarily of key players just weeks before the big roll out and then they are rushed even more to put something of that scale in deployment what else would you expect.

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Brownback proposes grade-school reading initiative; advocacy groups decry funding method

I think people have Brownback confused with someone who really gives a damn about people and not corporations

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Lawrence man booked into jail after Wednesday morning burglary

"Russell was also found to be in possession of a 24 BBQ Slim Jim Beef Sticks" I would have to wonder if his fingers were yellow also from some cheetos

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Wicked Broadband hoping for $500k city grant to bring super-fast Internet to downtown, East Lawrence

In 2009 Community Wireless proposed that they would provide video service to the whole city of Lawrence and this request was approved by the KCC

How has that progressed? What has hindered progress? Does Wicked aka Community Wireless still plan to have this completed by June 14th 2014 as stated in the approval document?

And according to Kris Adair herself Wicked is in 1,300,000 + Dollars of debt as of December 2012

I question the whole if they get a $500,00 grant then private funds will match them
Who are these donors? And how can the city guarantee that the money doesn't just get swapped?

What strategic and engineering planing has been done with the current infrastructure in the proposed area? How much would be conduit and how much would be utility pole based? What fallback methods does Wicked propose in the case of say an animal chewing through a line?

But most importantly what fallback would the City and Taxpayers have If this proposal fell through and would there be a guarantee that the company would not dissolve itself in the future to emerge as yet another company with the same corporate board?

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Sen. Roberts calls on HHS Secretary Sebelius to resign

It's amazing to me that he wants to put fault on Sebelius for a government program having issues when he wont acknowledge faults back home.

If you look on the KanCare issues log (Note reporting for this quarter isn't due till November) there are 693 reported and logged issues by 6-27-2013

Providers are getting stiffed on payments and the most vulnerable Kansans are falling into even deeper cracks than ever before due to diminished services.

KanCare has been a true fiasco for many that receive and provide services under it.
I personally have had to have Sen. Fransisco help me with issues I had where twice I would find out my insurance was cut off each time DCF and the MCO was pointing the finger at the other or claiming it was a computer error and it would be quickly fixed when it was not.

In my opinion if Sen. Roberts is to be calling for heads because a government program having issues within weeks of its roll out he might first want to look back at his home state and his own party.

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