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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message

A Christmas tree with fetal Jesus ornaments surounded by tapes of aportion procedures to help pregnant women in Lawrence provided by Birthright. This is not a political statement? What would Jesus say about this?
This was a covert mission by No Choice that was exposed by 3 women who want to work out in a non threatning environmet who now have to pay for 90 days of non-membership because they would have to walk by a tree that tells a lie.
Would the business hang condoms on the tree? Would the business add helpful information for women and girls who have been impregnated through incest and rape?
This issue is not so trivial to just say they are helping women who are pregnant. Many of these women don't get to go home to a 3 garage house in fairyland.
How about a diaper collection. A formula collection. Warm clothes and blankets. A condom collection.
Provide some real help that is not backed by a political agenda to make pregnancy a torture for a signifiant number of women.
As for the Biology of what a fetus is to a woman? Basically it is a parasite that sucks life out of the woman until it is "born". It really knows nothing until it is about 2 years old or so.
A gym for women only was a great idea. Now it is a gym for Anti-Choice women. To me that seems sad.

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