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City prepares to sign development agreement for Rock Chalk Park recreation center as questions continue

Why push it through now? So we can get the track out of Memorial Stadium and upgrade the stadium to a Big XII level so that the next time there is talk of conference realignment we'll stand a better chance of not ending up in the Mountain West!

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South Lawrence Trafficway legal fight ends with passing of deadline

I think actually the proper analogy would be asking someone to knock out your false teeth so that the dentist can make you nice new false teeth.

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Clearer picture emerges of proposed recreation center

KU is involved because they need to get the track out of Memorial Stadium so that they can upgrade the stadium to D1 standards.

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Tough guys: staff picks for Kansas enforcers

No Todd Reesing?

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Proposed rec center offers ‘huge’ opportunities

If you live in the N.W. it's probably more like 15-20 minutes. If you live in say Prairie Park it's more like 20-25 minutes. Maybe even longer in heavy traffic.

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Executive in firm buying Knology has ties to Lawrence

Nice story about a hometown by does well, but not encouraging news about having a committed cable service provider in Lawrence. Avista Capital is a private equity group and will be primarily concerned with how to maximize their investment in Knology as an asset and not necessarily with service.

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Late TV starts for Big Monday not ideal, but mostly unavoidable

Although I believe it was ESPN2, they switched away from the Louisville - N.D. game to get the MU - Texas game last night. Why can't the do that on ESPN?

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Former KU walk-on hits shot, foils prank

Joel made another shot and a reporter covering the story also made the shot shooting it backwards.

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Highway patrol: Driver had been drinking before injury accident on K-10 Sunday morning

"imastinker (Anonymous) says…

Are you really defending a 19 year old driver who was drinking but “not drunk” and driving around with your kid in the car? On top of that the car had more people with seat belts and all were not buckled in?

It is parents like you that keep me up at night in fear of what you allow your children to do that will affect mine."

I'm with imastinker. I have 2 children that are now in their 20's and I despised parents like kl whatever when my kids were teenagers. To me, it wouldn't matter to me if the kids were having milk and cookies in K.C. and driving back to Lawrence at 4:00 a.m., with each person fully strapped in a Volvo with individual Has devices. What is a 17 year old doing out at 4:00 in the morning? It's these types of parents that serve alcohol at parties at their homes because they believe it's better to have the kids drink at their home rather than be on the road. It's that type of parent that make those of us that set reasonable curfews for our teenagers seem like out of touch ogres.

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3 Kan. House members vote against bailout

Come on guys, read between the lines. This deal was brokered by the Democratic and Republican caucuses and each group was supposed to deliver a certain amount of votes so neither party who have to take ownership of this bill. The fact that Moore voted yes and Boyda voted no just reflects that Moore is more secure in his election bid so the Dems could deliver his yes vote and allow Boyda political cover to vote no since she is in a tighter race.

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