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Heard on the Hill: Law school assistant dean responds to Times article on the law job market; two KU moot court participants complement each other well; KU alum, former KBI director, dies at 82

Andy, good article. I'm an attorney with about 20 year's experience. I've always been amazed at how many lawyers the two law schools in Kansas pop out each year. There have never been enough attorney jobs around and I, frankly, have been lucky to have been employed for the majority of my career. I would be interested in the Dean's take on whether we are simply producing too many attorneys for the market to absorb. If so, aren't the law schools partially to blame for over-producing lawyers?

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With friends like these ...

Ride rollers if you have them, I've been swimming to keep the exercise high from dissapearing. Road season will get here!!!

Love your blog, hope to see you on the road some day.

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State Rep. Anthony Brown criticizes Lawrence, KU

Who cares what he thinks, his credibility is pretty low, at least with me. If he approved of Lawrence, I'd probably have to move.

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Style Scout: Natasha Kastl


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13 Lawrence attorneys apply to replace Douglas County District Judge Jean Shepherd

Yes, Chris has tried his share of domestic cases in Douglas County, he works for Kansas Legal Services, and does a good job. He focuses mainly on domestic cases . He is certainly known among local attorneys who do those types of cases. He would make a good judge - so would Kay Huff, she has a very good demeanor, and is very bright.

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The United States Constitution, Preamble

Way to go DIST. I think the whole point is that the constitution was meant to be something fluid and continually debated and dicussed, rightly or wrongly, by the common "man" and legal scholars alike, and I think it was recognized that society and its definitions would change.

So, this has the potential of being a better discussion of the subject, with a wider range of input, than anything I heard in my law school days, and, believe me, I am no constitutional expert. Most lawyers aren't. Thanks for making the effort to do this.

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Lawrence lauded as a good place for triathlons

Good for Triatlhons, maybe not so good for football.....

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New pharmacy building lets the sunshine in

I don't see any new parking up there to accomodate this large building.

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Farmer's Market taking weekday market out of downtown

Good idea. The Tuesday and Saturday markets are still downtown. The Saturday market down town will always be the "big one."

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