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Do you think Kansas Rep. Virgil Peck should resign?

Of course not - I think its important that our elected officials make vicous racist statements and then claim that he's talking like any Southeast Kansan. Thanks for perpetuating the stereotypes.

If I were in his district, I would demand his immediate resignation. Four of my family's best frineds are from his district - they are intellegent, thoughtful, and would never say anything like that, even as a joke.

Un freaking believable. He sounds like a jerk, and I'm not joking.

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Have you ever tried to give up caffeine?

Just curious, why did giving up caffeine help with weight loss? I get my caffeine mainly through black coffee - didn't think there were a ton of calories there. I'm not giving it up, even if it was the equivilant of drinking a dozen glazed doughnuts.

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If you could spend a day with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Jerry Garcia, but maybe not the whole day....

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Lawrence district's first black teacher shares experiences of racism with elementary students

In elementery school, I lived down the street from the Milans, when they lived on Alabama st. here in Lawrence, - was good friends with his son Johnny (John now?) and used to spend the night at their house - good times. I was so sorry when they moved to Kansas City. Hello to the Milans!

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Lawrence attorney Scott Miller to replace retiring Judge Randy McGrath on municipal court bench

Although time will tell, I believe this was a very good hire. I don't know him persoanlly, but reading about his qualifications, and having practiced in Municipal Court a bit, I think he'll be great (I hope he's ready for all of the late night on call duties). Good luck Mr. Miller.

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Do you think newborns in the state should be genetically tested to identify the child’s father?

This is not something that should be mandated in every birth, really kind of a stupid idea. Aren't there more important issues facing our state at the moment?

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Lawrence Board of Zoning Appeals approves new Dillons plan

When they tear it down, the Dillons at 66th and Lawrence ave. will be the "new" DD! Its already getting a little dirtier every day.

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Closings and cancellations for Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011

They closed in December 2007 the day before a big ice storm was foredcast - it just rained, but it was a nice day off...

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History buff wants to recreate cannon called 'Old Sacramento' used in sacking of Lawrence

Thanks for you efforts, Kerry, your enthusiasm for local history is contageous.

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