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KU, Lawrence schools closed; a list of other closings, cancellations for Tuesday

Trinity In-Home Care office will be closed. Direct care providers are encouraged to use best judgement, but to please let your client know if you will be unable to care for them today.

Imagine Drop-In Childcare will also be closed.

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Lawrence Laundry: Finding her work-appropriate style

Ali, first of all, you always look fantastic, and you have transitioned perfectly from a young-and-funky gal into a young-and-spunky lady!

Second of all, you have hit on something I'd like all young women in the workplace to think about-- and for Lawrence retailers to think about, too!

Ali says it all.... to put forth an image that communicates your desire to be taken seriously as you're starting your career, unfortunately you do have to make some fashion adjustments. Not sacrifices.... just adjustments! Look around for a professional fashion mentor.... I found a few ladies that I admire professionally and I think always look fantastic (not boring) and I try to picture them as I pick outfits.

But to the retail community of Lawrence-- there is a HUGE opportunity waiting to be grabbed here! We have a lot of young professional women without many shopping options. We have great access to jeans and t-shirts and cute-college-girl duds, to low-cost / low-quality but professionally acceptable clothes, and to more "mature" styles. But it is very hard for us to shop locally for quality, fresh and modern while still professional attire. Help us spend our dollars in Lawrence by stocking the types of clothes Ali and I are both seeking!!!

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Setting goals

For those of us outside the allocations committee discussions, it is impossible to know the difficulty they face when deciding how to divvy up these dollars. I know many of the allocations committee personally, and know they have taken this responsibility very seriously. They wish they could fully fund each and every agency's programs. Unfortunately, that is impossible, and difficult choices have to be made.

But let us also remember, the United Way serves more functions than just these allocations. For instance, did you know the United Way partners with the Dg Co Community Foundation to offer FREE training seminars for non-profit employees and board members on a regular basis?

Did you know the U.W. organizes the Day of Caring, where anyone in our community can volunteer to put their sweat into helping agencies fulfill their mission, and also the Summer of Service for area youth to get involved with volunteering?

As well as the Roger Hill Volunteer Center, where you can sign up to get a weekly e-mail of volunteer needs throughout the community? The U.W. provides info on the many great opportunities for each of us to actually DO something to help non-profits on a personal basis!

And, don't let us forget that the United Way's office building is designed to help small non-profits function efficiently by sharing office space-- per the United Way website, "20 nonprofit organizations occupy its low-cost offices. The organizations thrive by being able to share resources, office equipment, conference rooms, storage space, and information, and it is through this kind of collaboration that the United Way of Douglas County takes another step towards strengthening local human services". This is an amazing way for small and critical agencies to function in a fiscally responsible manner.

For a full list (as well as the U.W.s 990s, their by-laws, their board members and ways you can help volunteer), see their website:

It's about more than just money-- it's about helping organizations, their staff and volunteers who are working hard to do good in our community succeed-- not just those who receive dollars from the United Way, but all non-profits who want to take advantage of the training and supportive services.

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United Way outlines strategies for helping student performance in Douglas County

Sounds like 3 good steps to help achieve the objectives that were identified in the public surveys completed by the United Way. I feel confident about how my United Way donation is being used!

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Health agency offering drop-in child care

Yeaa!! Great job, Trinity! Best wishes for success for these new programs which are sure to be of great use to many families in our community!

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Home tweet home: Kids decorate birdhouses in annual Hilltop benefit

Way to go, Nora, Lily and Adie-- I'm proud of you! I need to get down there and place my bid!!!

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Which is your favorite John Hughes movie from the 1980s?

Pretty in Pink-- how is that not on this list? I maybe watched it a million times growing up.... love it!

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Stitching together a new trend

Great job, ladies, and good luck at the fair!

I'm so glad I learned how to sew through 4-H when I was younger... not only does it help me out all the time by saving me money and time (since I don't have to have clothes professionally altered or repaired, which can sometimes take weeks and cost a ton), but it's fun, a great creative outlet, and I've even made money making things for other people! Keep it up... it's worth it!

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Adopting support: Couple pushing through international system for Ethiopian orphan

Good luck, Merritts-- I hope you have your little girl here soon! What a lucky little one to get such creative and dedicated parents! Now I'd better go down to Sizzors and get my new ring...

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Preening for a prize

Thanks for this great story on 4-H! Those who didn’t participate when they were young don’t typically know much about it, and assume 4-H is just for livestock. There is so much for kids to do in this international youth leadership program! Many people only associate the County Fair with 4-H, and miss out on all the other great elements of leadership that youth learn.

For all 4-H projects, it’s not just about being a farmer, raising cattle or hogs or similar stereotypes—it’s about being responsible, following through with your plan, consistancy, making thoughtful decisions, keeping accurate records and providing leadership to younger members of the club—teaching them, leading by example, and more. All are traits I think we all agree translate into quality adults that we want as our neighbors. 4-H also keeps up with the times and can be a learning tool for more "modern", urban hobbies and activities—some people might be surprised to learn about computer projects, photography, fashion, engineering, design, art… the list goes on and on.

Thanks for giving us a “day in the life” of this 4-Her… good luck at the show next weekend, Chris!

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