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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

The fault in this accident can not be determined here and should be left to the authorities.

As for wisdom regarding whether to ride on a sidewalk, path, or the street... we should leave that to experience cyclists, not those who drive and never ride. Statistics tell the story... riding on the right side of the line (tarmac) and sidewalks is considerably more dangerous for the cyclists. That it is an inconvenience to drivers to pay attention, seriously? Your driving a several thousand pound vehicle... pay attention, take responsibility for your actions, and get off the phone.

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KU looking to replace 'frustrating' new online job-application system

this is not an untypical purchase process up on the hill. Ego's, fiefdoms, buddy deals, and low bids... not the criteria to use for outsourcing folks. #mytaxdollarswastedagain

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Will you miss Milton's?

wow... why so many haters in this little town?

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Lawrence residents say goodbye to popular downtown breakfast spot

Miltons: killer breakfasts, great coffee... super wait staff, and no attitude at all. The best breakfast place Lawrence has had for over 20 years. This place will be missed. The rest of you can go to denny's or mcd's... and then to taco bell for dinner.

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Charges not yet filed in drug case at local day care

un believable.

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Downtown approach

Close Mass from 6th to 11th and route traffic one way onto N Hampshire and Vermont... make it pedestrian focused. Build two more parking lots and preserve the nature of the commerce. It's not like you need mini-marts, gas stations, best buys and grocery stores downtown anyway.

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City Commission candidates discuss approach to Lawrence economics

Research driven universities are core to a lively cultural and economically healthy community. Just ask the folks in kansas city who can only wish they had one.

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Judge plans to sentence former KU athletic department employees Brandon Simmons, Jason Jeffries to two years of probation

I find myself wondering if these guys were renting apartments in east or north lawrence if they'd get that same sort of sentence.

March 3, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Going against ‘nature’

so it took 6 people at the red lyon to empty the ash trays?

So the smokers stay home... and the great majority of folks go out more often. if your business can not adjust to a changing world it should go away.

June 27, 2010 at 12:25 p.m. ( | suggest removal )