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Opinion: KU doctoral grad sees lack of faculty support

It is always difficult to reconcile dreams with reality. At some point we must all come to terms with our dreams and the choices that have led to our current circumstances, for better or for worse. It is inspiring hear the stories of people who achieved success (however you choose to define it) from humble circumstances; and it is tragic to hear of those who began in favorable a environment and drifted into failure. Of course, most of us fall in between the two extremes. Regardless, I have observed at least one constant: You reap what you sow. There seems to be a growing trend to blame others when our dreams don't turn out as we had hoped. The author, unfortunately, mentions only the failures of said department and faculty, mentioning nothing of his own responsibility. An investigative report into the author's choices might cast a different light on the story. My experience in said department was very different, exactly the opposite, in fact. I found the faculty engaging, willing to provide useful advice (should I choose to follow it) and strong mentoring. They also did not sugar coat the realities of the job market. Blaming others for one's own failures doesn't do any good. Every one of us has to take ownership of our own future - and that is the bottom line.

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