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Area students score at Future City national competition

Outstanding students!! Congrats!!

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Do you sometimes use fuel with ethanol in your vehicle?

the cake is a lie

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Do you think KU should raise admission standards?

trot line

not even gonna explain what the snood is........

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Appeals court says Lawrence officer violated Fourth Amendment in DUI case

It sucks
But that is the correct interpretation.

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Lawrence police officer receives department's first Purple Heart for his injuries

Thank you for your service. God bless you sir.

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First-year math teacher at LHS singled out for honor

Editor thanks for the corrections just having some fun.

That does sound great Sych. All in all I'm just happy we happy another wonderful teacher in our system! Congrats Mr. Karlin!

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First-year math teacher at LHS singled out for honor

Good thing he's not an English teacher

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Retired Lawrence police officer receives award for saving baby at Nebraska Furniture Mart

Job well done Sargent, thank you.
Stay safe and God bless.

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Federal prosecutors taking over Lawrence firearm case

wow..really? You can state this lgreen17? Hellooo..... the important words here are "firearms" and "feds". Of course the county prosecutor will step out of the way and let the big guys take a whack at this idiot.

Get off your trollbox

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