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Rowers rescued from Kansas River after boats capsize

Thank you for saying what I was thinking. That's my brother and daughter in the picture helping those lads.
Rock Chalk Jayhawk Row KU!

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Who saves the firefighters? Rapid intervention team is specially trained to come to the rescue

Thanks for doing the job guys. Stay safe.

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KU announces cuts to public radio, geological survey and other programs; more cuts on the way

Well spoken Cait. Not so much David.
Overpriced college is what we have now. So sad. In-state students (&parents) are
gouged. Out of state(COUNTRY) walk on. What a joke. Trying to be the
princess at the ball KU is now the joke where only the wealthy and ignorant (see HERE articles)
attend. Oh and don't forget sports. Because those free rides are worth it.... lol

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Lawrence City Commission to review Kasold Drive lane reduction

Amen! Sue is right. They have a bug in their bum about this for no good reason. I drive this section multiple times daily. Leave it alone. What are actually going to achieve? More traffic on Iowa and Wakarusa? Oh great. If we had a repaving job on that road that could last more than 6 months it would be fine. Go look at bigger road problems around town and quit wasting time and money.

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Controversy erupts after Fort Riley disinvites retired general for comments on Muslims, transgender bathrooms

Lt. General Boykin,

You sure are welcome at my house anytime. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Stop on by at your convenience. Thank you for serving our country.

Monty Amick

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K-State Athletics announces clear bag policy for next school year

So they actually do something proactive to promote the safety of the people in the stadium (which lots of of other places are doing) and you make fun of them? Uh choke on it guys. Nice move KSU. Don't listen to these folks. We're from Kansas and so are you. Thanks for taking care of your fans (& visitors )

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Area students score at Future City national competition

Outstanding students!! Congrats!!

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Do you sometimes use fuel with ethanol in your vehicle?

the cake is a lie

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