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Letter: Loss of trust

I STILL get a little angry when I drive by Centennial School and the ball fields. Randy Weasel-man and his school board knew all along the real reason they wanted Centennial's doors closed. I am right there with ya, Adrian. It makes it pretty difficult to trust their words.....

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Offbeat Occupations: Running a candy store ‘fun work’ indeed

Oooooooooo! fUN!! Good luck, Michelle! Enjoy your new adventure. Delicious idea.....there's nothing like candy cigarettes!!

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KU fraternity suspended by national organization in wake of animal cruelty allegations

I think the difference here, is that they basically tortured this animal. That's what makes this whole ordeal sickening. What they did was wrong and ugly. Kudos to the band members who had the courage to say something. Plain and excuses for these all.

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KU fraternity suspended by national organization in wake of animal cruelty allegations

What does it mean to be suspended?

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Bring it on: At long last, LHS-FSHS battle nears


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Lawrence High graduate meets Obama at Ohio campaign stop

YAY! NOEL! that is exciting. thanks for gettin out there and campaignin'.

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Hallmark to close Topeka plant; work expected to move to Lawrence facility

this makes me sad. i love hallmark cards and i continue to send them. i LOVE getting cards in the so much nicer than a bill or a goofy ad. i try to send them to make other people happier too when they open their mail boxes. there are affordable nice ones....99 you can't complain that they are ALL expensive. call me pollyanna...but i challenge everyone out there to take some time, go get a card and send somebody a card and make their day. its funny how much better it will make you feel too. give it a whirl!

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Which is your favorite Lawrence public high school mascot?

CHESTY................ hands down!!!!!

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First Bell: Service to Mankind Award winner — a former subs scheduler — no stranger to tough tasks; Marching Chesties line up for garage sale; KU offers tickets to elementary staff, students, families

hey, if ya aren't headin' to the game....come by and support the marching lions!
they are heading to the disney music festival in orlando in march 2012.
thanks for supporting the arts, friends!

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How many caffeinated beverages do you drink per day?

hey, i recognize michael and tyler! those two boys were putting change in stranger's expired parking meters yesterday....they filled mine up before i went shopping.
thanks, guys...the parking meter goodwill ambassadors from tongie!!!

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