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'Nightmarriage' — funnier than you think

Read this delightful book!! Love Chad's creative spin to the simple aspects of life. I couldn't put it down. See you at Signs of Life of Life on Saturday to get a another copy, for sure! Hope to see more of your quirky whimsical and thought provoking work, Chad. Best Wishes to a promising writing adventure. :0)

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Lawrence High grad Srinivasan nears confimation to federal appeals court in D.C.

I know this whole family and they are WONDERFUL!

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What restaurant do you think makes the best hamburgers in Lawrence?

the BLACK and BLUE at the BURGER STAND...
with a big basket of truffle fries. yowsa!!!!

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Editorial: Tireless leader

Adele and her giving spirit will certainly be missed. Her sweet smile and sense of humor has been one of the many gifts that she has given to humankind. The heavens have just gotten a little bit nicer this week. She was a peach and the shiniest jewel in the Hallmark crown. Peace and blessings to Mr. Don Hall and his family.

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Leader of local food bank files for seat on Lawrence City Commission

how refreshing and wonderful! sure do appreciate your care and love of the community, jeremy.
ya got my vote, too, friend. :O)

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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

you are a wonderful human being, linda lassen. thank you for your welcoming smile and big heart. because of your response, i will continue to bring clothing to penn house. i am sending you a big cyber HUG! :O)

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Lawrence Community Shelter moves into new home

Congrats and best wishes, dear Loring! Your tenacity and passion is inspiring.

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Local food pantries collaborate to provide healthy food

Keep up the great work, Jeremy! You are appreciated immensely.

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