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Civil lawsuit against KU basketball's Sherron Collins dropped

Raider "Two things:The lawsuit should never have been filed to begin with, as the woman was obviously a gold-digger.I'm not surprised, however, that due to this being a high-profile individual the whole thing just "went away" with nothing happening." First off Raider do you know a thing about Mrs. Brown from the way that you are talking no you don't. With you not knowing anything about her how would you know if she were a gold digger or not. That and how would you feel if this happened to someone in your family? Alm 77 "You posters on here have NO Idea what you're talking about. In the end, Ms. Brown probably figured it was more trouble (for her and her family) than it was worth. Dropping the suit doesn't mean he was innocent, or that she "made it up". You can see what you want on the court, some of us will never see him the same way again"I agree with you. No one knows all that happen in that elevator other then Mrs. Brown and Collins.

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