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Rule changes on how many unrelated people can live in a house up for discussion at City Hall

It seems interesting that most would assume this will financially impact the landlord if the zoning is changed from 4 unrelated people to 3. That very well might not be the case -- my guess, it will be the struggling renter / college students who will take the biggest financial hit. If the current rent is 1600 / month divided by 4 people, and this property falls within the re-zoning regulation, then what could happen is that suddenly 1 of those 4 people must find new living arrangements, perhaps can't afford more, what about his/her portion of the security deposit...? And the rent could very well stay at $1600 /month, now divided by 3 tenants ! Needless to say, that means their rent just went up and what happens to them if they can't afford that increase? So much for any compassion and understanding, especially when profit is the bottom line. I will concede that there are inconsiderate neighbors, but this is not a perfect world, society or community. Perfect is something dreamed of, not necessarily a reality. Make the best of what you have and be happy.

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Westar says it can't comply with EPA's new pollution rules

It never seems to amaze me that if a large, deep-pocket business or industry such as Westar fails to meet a regulatory deadline like pollutant modifications, most likely the cost related to penalties will be passed on to the consumer. However, let those same consumers fail to meet a regulatory deadline of any nature and no one else is going to bail them out!! Government and 'big' business don't have to play by the same rules as the public consumers in this country.

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