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Weis’ candor draws star wideout to KU

i don't think anyone was debating that at all...i just don't think that stealing northern illinois recruits is anything to get excited about. but thank you for the wonderful facts!!!

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Weis’ candor draws star wideout to KU

yes...reach for the stars!

stealing "star" local recruits...from nothern illinois....with your former high school head coach on the staff...might just have nothing to do with weis' candor, and might, just might not be anything to write home about either

just sayin

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Kansas football scouring country

you sir are funny

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Sweet survival: Jayhawks rally past Purdue

sad that there arent more players like Hummell, guys who grind it through injuries and end up being studs working their tails off to get better. we won, but it would have been almost tolerable losing to such a great team. man the big ten is way better than i thought this year

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Bill Self hypes KU-MU

or it could be "Here at The Journal World, we guarantee we will only post articles at 4:00 AM every day. Because hey, Why have todays news today when you can possibly read it tomorrow."

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KU’s Thomas Robinson, UK’s Anthony Davis neck-and-neck

Thomas Robinson is not 6' 10"

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Organization is eternally young: Boys and Girls Club turns 40

that is funny...organziation

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Stipends for student-athletes? KU has mixed feelings are an idiot

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Stipends for student-athletes? KU has mixed feelings

oh (oakfarm) dissect words...great my favorite...sorry i said DESERVE... now imagine if you will that i typed the word EARN instead of DESERVE can you do that? is that a possibility???? now read the rest of the comment and try to UNDERSTAND!!!!! HYPOTHETICALLY...lets say THOMAS ROBINSON !!!!!!!!!!!!EARNED A DEGREE AT KU????????!!!!!!!! ARE YOU STILL WITH ME????????? IS THAT OKAY DID I TYPE THAT RIGHT???????CAN I TYPE SOME MORE??????IS THAT OKAY????CAN I CONTIUE????????OKAY, DO YOU VALUE THOMAS ROBINSON'S SACRIFICES???OR DID YOU ALSO HAVE A PARENT DIE AND THEN PLAY A GAME FOR A UNIVERSITY RIGHT AFTER?????DID THAT UNIVERSITY ALSO MAKE A BOATLOAD OF MONEY AND JUST SAY "IM SORRY THOMAS"?????.....OR DID THAT SCENARIO ALSO JUST HAPPEN TO YOU????????CAN I CONTINUE?????????DID I EARN THAT PRIVILEGE ???????????????

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Stipends for student-athletes? KU has mixed feelings

AWESOME COMMENT.....very good, very, very, good.

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