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Daylight saving time to end at 2 a.m. Sunday; Lawrence police preparing for extra hour of bars being open

Out here in California the closing time does not give an extra hour. There's the same number of drinking hous as usual & the body clock & moon clook know it"s really 2 am. Nobody loses an hour of drinking BUT doesn't get extra time.

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Ex-U.N. ambassador: U.S. taking wrong approach to foreign ‘trouble spots’

Bolton is one of the few public figures that understands what is going on in the world & what needs to be done about it. If we wanted a President who understands foreign issues Bolton would be the person. Certainly the Obama regime does not meaning all his advisors & Obama himself. Most administrations just haven't gotten it "right."

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At what age should children get a Facebook account?

Never! One of the worst internet applications to ever come along. Why anyone wants to expose themselves to the world says something about the persons mental health.

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Revved up crowd helps open Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway

Generally I seldom smell any smoke in the newer casinos as the a/c is so efficient & the ceilings are high (cigars are a different story---I move away from a cigar fast). I spend most of my gambling time in Reno & South Lake Tahoe. There is some odor on my clothes when I get back to the room but the odor disappears over night by hanging the clothes up. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Lawrence & will certainly check out the new casino.

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Have you ever seen a movie being filmed?

Murder By Numbers with Sandra Bullock back in the late 90s in Morro Bay & San Luis Obispo, Ca. A resturant in Morro Bay on the waterfront was remodeled for the filming but in the movie there was about 3 seconds of the interior.

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Wichita grocers sentenced in food stamp fraud

You should live where I do in Fresno, CA. The selling of the food stampcard for cash is just normal activity. As far as I can see there's no oversight in Ca. or at least Fresno County.

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Should casinos provide patrons free alcohol if they are gambling?

I live in Calif & visit Lawrence a few times a year. I spend many days a year in Reno & at South Lake Tahoe. Free drinks in a casino is just part of the gambling world. Like with everything a person needs to be responsible for his or her actions. Too many free drinks or too much gambling, etc., is not other peoples problem.We don't need the govt to tell us how to live our lives if though various govts are trying to. We don't need the food police, the drinking police, etc. The first time I was at Harrahs in North Kansas City I was surprised that free drinks were not allowed in MO or KS although you can buy a drink at the bar & carry it around. Free drinks ADD to the gambling experience.

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Have you ever had a fake ID?

In the 1950s in the Army you could go to the army base site that took the picture & made the ID card & say you had lost yours & then obtain a new ID card with the date of year that made you 21 yrs old. No proof of age was necessary.

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