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Trial to open in party bus accident

The only crime committed here is stupidity by the party goers on that bus. Leave it to KSU fans not to duck when there's a bridge up ahead.

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Kansas teacher charged with having sex with student

If you see the pics of this woman in her bikini that they've been flashing all over the local tv news, it's pretty obvious to say that the student probably did NOT feel like a victim. I'm sure he was bragging to his friends about getting the teacher's tail and his friends probably thought it was pretty cool. Parents of high school kids need to WAKE UP! Guys that age think about sex all the time, it's nothing new.

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Man accused of violent sexual assault on bike path may have been involved in two earlier attacks

Kudos to these 2 young men who are now heroes! Great job guys and your parents should be very proud! Here's hoping to a speedy recovery for the victim involved.

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Painful racial stereotypes persist

It goes both ways. White people are discriminated against everyday in this society too.

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Mark Mangino leaves Lawrence, moves to Florida

Well said, Bruce! My thoughts exactly!

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Kobach getting paid to train Arizona sheriff's department on how to arrest suspected illegal immigrants

I carry an ID with me at all times and would be able to show any law enforcement if I was asked to produce one. I don't understand why this is such a bad thing. If someone is legal, they shouldn't have a problem with this law.

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North Second Street now open to two-way traffic

Yes, Morganna! I can't stand it when drivers try to butt their way to the front like that. Wait your turn like the rest of us!

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North Second Street now open to two-way traffic

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Survivor rebuilding broken body, life

And to Granny, maybe there are discrepancies because the victim suffered a severe head injury! Did that thought ever cross your mind?!

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Survivor rebuilding broken body, life

I am sick and tired of people in this town blaming the VICTIM of these hit and runs. Just like the last hit and run where the bicyclist was killed and people are still trying to blame her. What's wrong with you people?! And so what if this victim had consumed alcohol?! She was being responsible by not driving and was only not even a 1/4 mile from her home. The driver who did this to her needs to grow a pair of balls and face the music for their actions. Judging from the last hit and run in this town, I'm sure they'll only get a slap on the wrist anyways. Best of luck to this victim with her recovery and may they find the scum who did this and punish them!

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