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McLouth High football player Trevor Roberts loses part of leg after compound fracture during game

This is a very tragic story. My heart goes out to him and his family. Unfortunately, this shows the state of today's healthcare and it's downright frightening. This shouldn't have happened. Is there any way a malpractice suit could come from this?!

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Judge sets $150,000 bond for person of interest in Great Bend teen's death

I was told by someone living in the area, that this is like Great Bend's 7th homicide and the previous ones have all been unsolved. I do not know the timeframe of all the previous homicides.

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'Extremely dangerous' inmate escapes from Wyandotte County Courthouse

Way to drop the ball on this one, Larned State Hospital personnel!

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Judge sets $150,000 bond for person of interest in Great Bend teen's death

Great Bend has an infamous history of unsolved murder cases, so hopefully they get this one done right...

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Judge sets $150,000 bond for person of interest in Great Bend teen's death

They're saying she did get in the black SUV with a 19 year old male, but the party they were going to was supposedly at this guy's house. He denies that there was a party at his house that night, of course.

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Should high school classes start later in the morning to allow teenagers to get more sleep?

Great comment TopJay. Most parents today are bitter at their parents for setting limits and now they don't want to put their kids through that. That's why today's society is filled with a bunch of primadonnas who think that their actions shouldn't have consequences and that they are all "special". This is the "Me" generation now and it's pathetic!

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Thousands expected at annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale

Ugh, the yearly sidewalk sale. It's the one day a year I will avoid downtown at all costs. I hate the sidewalk sale day!

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Survivor recounts details of Cat Tracker fatality as civil case opens in Lawrence

I really hope this woman doesn't get a penny from this bogus lawsuit. I remember the terrible traffic jam this accident caused on Iowa St. that day. I think the citizens of Lawrence should bring a class action lawsuit against these people for all the traffic congestion this event caused! Makes about as much sense as her lawsuit, doesn't it?!

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Trial to open in party bus accident

yank yank

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