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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

C'mon guys, cheer up. In three weeks New Mexico State comes to town and the Jayhawks get another chance to put away a cupcake. ;-)

Seriously, though, Southern Miss, Baylor, and Iowa State are all winnable games (theoretically). If Gill's worth his sal(ary)t, he'll light a fire under the offense (defense did well enough) and the Jayhawks can get back to respectability, if not a bowl game.

I'm predicting 4-8. It *is* going to be a rebuilding year, it's a program in transition. Don't forget, Mangino's first year in 2002 was pretty bad as well (2-10, if I recall correctly?).

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City: Algae in lakes to blame for musty-tasting water

Eau de Laur-AHNCE... onlee zee finest weel do, ne c'est pas? :-p
(said in Pepe Le Pew accent)

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Big 12 Conference lives on

"Sources told me late Sunday night that the Big 12 appears closer to a agreement to move forward with the 10 members that remain and, if it in fact did, Oklahoma would shift to the North division, therein opening up the possibility of OU and Texas meeting each year in the conference's football championship."

I had the same reaction, Lawkan. With 10 teams, Oklahoma doesn't move to the North because there IS no North any longer. The NCAA rule still applies: need 12 teams for a championship game.

But given the fact that about half the time the championship game has knocked the Big 12 contender OUT of the national title game? Good riddance.

Oh, and work out a trade with the Big Ten for its name. Otherwise I'm going to laugh everytime I hear the names "Big Ten" or "Big Twelve" from this point forward... X-D

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Sources confirm Nebraska headed to Big Ten

haha... Pat Roberts pleading with Ben Nelson to not let it happen...

Tough cookies, Congress (and KU). You lie in the BCS bed, you get, uh, *used* (to put it euphemistically) by the big BCS boys.

@edjayhawk and whats_going_on: you really think that it'll stop now? I predict that Nebraska bolting means the "Texas four" bolting (and which also probably means Missouri also leaves for the Big... uh... 13).

As for Kansas? Better hope for a pity invite from the MWC, or it looks like C-USA all the way! But look on the bright side; we might actually beat Memphis, Tulsa, Southern Miss, and UTEP every year... hey wait, aren't we already scheduling them in non-conference? :-p

The Big 8 always made more sense than the Big 12. The Big 12 is getting what's been coming to it for more than a decade (and the Big East... another "newbie" football-based conference... is about to get the same thing).

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Lawrence man arrested after burglary, theft

Wow, somebody got up on the sad psychopathic panda side of bed this morning...

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Lawrence man says he's victim of a hate crime after assault on Mass. Street last Friday

No, greed is hate of oneself because one doesn't have as much as others have. That said, most crimes indicate a disregard for one's fellow human beings.

Perhaps the classic "stealing a loaf of bread because you're hungry" (a la Jean Valjean) would qualify as a crime without hate; perhaps jaywalking, or speeding, or public intoxication also qualify.

But assaulting a person after they admit to being gay, prefaced with the comment "we don't put up with that [expletive]"? That's a hate crime.

Not all crimes are hate crimes, gr. Unless you have a very warped definition of "hate"...

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A Free State classic: Downtown brewery shares its legendary Cheddar Ale Soup recipe

Free State absolutely puts *EVERY* other "pub" in Lawrence to shame. This soup is one reason. The brews, of course, are among the other reasons... ;-)

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What is your favorite "so bad, it's good" movie?

"Zorro The Gay Blade"... from the early 80s, with George Hamilton playing two roles.
'Two bits, four bits, six bits, a peso! All for Zorro, stand up and say so!'

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Who would you rather have win the NCAA title now: K-State or Northern Iowa?

Syracuse. Jim Boeheim is a class act, he's been coaching there forever, and I wouldn't mind seeing the Orange beat Duke or Kentucky in the final.

If not Syracuse, then Ohio State.
Just not Duke or Kentucky...

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FINAL: Fired-up KU takes down A&M, 79-66

Live: TAMU 74/KU 59 — 3:33 left in game

WTF? Uh, someone needs to fix this :-p

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