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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

I have to say that sometimes it gets frustrating when those noisy motorcycles drown out the sound of my AR-15.

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Who is the most inspiring person in your life and why?

sometimes we just need a little perspective in our lives...

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How did you learn to cook?

I'd like to hear what women feel their significant cooking influences are. not just the (and I say this affectionately) the men's menopausal club. Whatever happened to women posters on LJW? That can be tomorrows question.

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Street name change would create intersection of Fambrough and — ack! — Missouri

Why did this come back up? Is there a TOTAL lack of ability in how to honor someone? STOP changing the street names! Yes, it continues a terrible precedent. This isn't what we hired the commissioners to do and if they don't get it, they shouldn't be in this position. I have a feeling that Sue Hack had a long talk with Hugh Carter about how wonderful she thinks the former coach was. Here's an idea, build a fountain next to his bench, put in another bench, or how about a bust of his head? Lay off trying to change our street names in this town!

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Should the wild turkey near Burroughs Creek be captured or left alone?

Capture & relocate?....Hope they get that on video.

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♣Free the Blog♣

♣ the blog
the whole subject has gotten very stale...move on

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Perkins did it his way

What proven coach would want to work for Lew Perkins. As mentioned, he's not exactly "football-friendly." Couple that with his anger management problem and we standing in a bigger hole to recruit from. We're already paying out a fortune between the Mangino's and the extra we need to spend to draw someone that can both recruit and coach.
Let Drue Jennings have the ball; he hired Bill Self. Hit the road Lew.

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KU declines to release details of Mangino's settlement agreement for now, says deal is not finalized

This is old news; who cares.

We wnat to know when Lew Perkins gets fired!

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Commissioner: Proposal to rename Missouri Street ‘petty and childish’

This is a moronic idea, and now we know who their queen is.
Hack needs to publicly apologize for bringing this up.

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