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House's top budget writer says legislators will have lots of questions for higher education officials

Actually, the idea isn't that far off the mark. Of course students are going to say the tuition is too high. If you asked people going to the grocery store,they'd probably say the cost of food is too high. That's not new.
A college education is not a right. It take planning, saving, and, yes, sacrifice.
And, yes, let's take a look at space utilization. That seems prudent, actually. If there are empty classrooms, it's a space management issue. If it's economically sound to renovate a building than build a brand new shiny one, let's look at that option.

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Davis seen as possible Democratic opponent to Gov. Brownback

I will state what I have about elections generally..your candidate may have overall low approval ratings, but all you have to do is get a majority of the minority of those who like him to the polls, and others stay home.
You win.

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Food rescue effort connects restaurant's surplus with people in need

(Attention: sarcasm alarm is enabled)
How can you support this project? Don't you know Darden Resturants is trying to skirt the Affordable Care Act by cutting employee hours so they don't have to pay their health insurance???????????
I think ALL homeless shelters and social services agencies should refuse these contributions in protest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Better that food goes to waste and the homeless starve than to support a company which won't support our President and his tireless effort to provide free stuff to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kansas to study honoring out-of-state teacher licenses

I also find it ironic that the good professors who cluck about "standards" for licensing need NO license to teach in higher education. Tenure culls the herd, to be sure, but, armed with the terminal degree and tenure, no worries. You can teach just like you did in 1970.
Also, graduates of institutions in states whose programs they disparage are hired by state and private colleges and universities every year. Feigned outrage?

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Kansas to study honoring out-of-state teacher licenses

Please cite data to show that, among other states, Illinois has "much lower standards".
Given the fact that, yes indeed, people are moving around much more than in the past, there needs to be a change from 19th century thinking that a trainload of schoolmarms will be arriving to fill vacancies in Kansas.

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Longtime deputies now out of service

Thank you for your service, gentlemen!

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Kansas science and math teachers easily recruited away

The arguments here are specious, aside from the concern about teacher pay, generally. Those graduates didn't want to live in a small town in Kansas, they wanted to live in Johnson County. They had desired talents. They took the opportunity.
As to the issue of pay: The Portland Oregonian recently reported college graduates stayed in the area, or migrated there for LOWER-paying jobs, depressing the overall market:
Seems "lifestyle" and "making a difference" (what a useless throwaway phrase THAT is) is what drives the salaries down. Plus they want to unplug their brains and go hiking.
People are driven by different issues. If pay is the driver, don't be a teacher, at least not right away. You can look at large urban school districts with a preponderance of seniority driven faculty and decide whether those folks aren't motivated to do better and do a barely adequate job of teaching, simply for the benefits.

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Lawrence man faces federal prosecution for stolen handgun

And having a federal gun law will have a member of the Latin Kings or PStone Nation stop and say "Golly, I might break the law here, I'm not getting that gun!!" ?
Seriously? You DO believe that? Seriously?
You must be a Lawrence lifer.
I grew up in Chicago."Tougher national gun laws" will do NOTHING to stop this. Social services increases? Maybe. A real effort towards re establishing a nuclear family instead of having another generation sucking on the teet of The State? Definitely.

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Editorial: Service optional?

WHICH cell companies do not provide 911?? They're REQUIRED to by state and federal law. Name one.
If you're referring to Magic Jack and Vonage, you have to register your phone number with the company and they send that off to some department that makes sure your call goes to 911, but cell companies HAVE to connect with 911.

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After efforts by student activists and bookstore leaders, living-wage factory now producing KU clothing

I realize the "guilt factor" plays into purchases from time to time, but let's see how many $20 t-shirts and $50 hoodies are sold at the bookstore before we get too many more warm and fuzzy do-gooder commentary.

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