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New national report questions privatized government services like those in Kansas

This outfit, and its "partners" are funded by, among others, The Open Society Foundation, a tool of George Soros.
Knowing that immediately leads me to not pay any attention to any "findings" from this bunch.

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Editorial: Free speech?

I haven't seen much, outside of the "inside baseball" crowd about the due process procedures for students.
I am sure there is a process where students threatened with dismissal from a university or college have the right to face the charges, and answer them and present their own evidence prior to being terminated.
Thus far, the actions of the University President haven't been challenged but the 1st amendment issues, even for the most vile comments as these, are pretty firmly in place.

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Saturday Column: Why don’t legislators see value of higher education?

Please share data to support this allegation.

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Letter: ACA coverage

You are not forced to pay anything to a "church". Show me the line in the tax code that increases your taxes because of someone else's deduction.
I, on the other hand, sent my child to a private school, and now have no kids in the system. Why am I still paying property taxes to a bloated government school program?

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Saturday Column: As Obamacare kicks off, many questions remain

I wouldn't call 52% a big victory. All you have to do is make sure your 100% get out to vote, plus depend on the "low information" crowd to sleepwalk to the voting booth, if they have any clue as to where it is.
HARDLY a plurality.

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Saturday Column: As Obamacare kicks off, many questions remain
those looney conservatives at NBC probably made this up..

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Saturday Column: As Obamacare kicks off, many questions remain

Who's talking about "death panels" on the Republican side? Sarah Palin? Uh, she's not anywhere on the radar. Michelle Bachmann? She's not running again.
As for improving the situation, how about comprehensive solutions for the 4 million (not 40 million or 400 million, or whatever) Americans who are in genuine need of assistance with their insurance. One size fits all (and that's what this is) will never work.

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Saturday Column: As Obamacare kicks off, many questions remain

dunno, foodboy, Republicans aren't pointing out the above issues, that I am aware of..maybe a little less flame throwing and slogan-using, and a bit more examination is in order, don't you think?

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Saturday Column: As Obamacare kicks off, many questions remain

Aside from the fact the "Affordable" care act was "passed" (rammed through is spot on) by an out-of-control ultra liberal majority, twisting arms and handing out political favors (The Nebraska Compromise, among others), it may be the "law of the land" by not in my name.
I do have a couple of questions for the cheerleaders:

Do you know you Personal Health Care Identification Number? It was supposed to be in place after Clinton's Congress passed it in 1991. Still waiting, and the system will fair because your information isn't ported anywhere in the system across the country. Get sick in L.A. ?? Tough luck. There will be no information on your medications, allergies, per-existing conditions, anything. The life-saving legislation doesn't do anything for you in this situation.

Are you aware health care systems' computers can't talk to each other to exchange this vital information when someone sends it? Maybe that's one of those glitches I keep hearing about that will be a bump in the road..Ah, OK.

Does anyone really believe, save for the liberal kool aid drinkers, that the "invincibles" will sign up like sheep on October 1? Really? Go ask 100 kids on the KU campus : 1. Do they know they have to sign up if they're not on Mommy and Daddy's insurance, and that their meager paycheck will be nicked by the IRS if they don't produce proof of insurance?

What's to prevent someone from signing up for government-required insurance, write down the number at tax time, and cancel the next day? They get hit by a car, go to the Lawrence Memorial ED and, uh oh, an uninsured person..uh oh.

I'm sure the "fact checkers" have their government sponsored propaganda from their local taxpayer supported Democratic or union "navigator", so maybe they can set me straight.

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League of Women Voters seeks governor's schedule to find out who else was interviewed for appeals judge

Actually, a Soros front group gave the League about a half-million dollars...

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