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Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival leaving Lawrence for Arkansas

doper industry? i had no idea this even existed.

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Kansas to receive $1.18 million in Eli Lilly settlement relating to Zyprexa

i'm beginning to distrust pharmaceutical companies.

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Former astronaut launches new lecture series

who cares about the world's largest particle accelerator? where can i get my hands on that enormous steve hawley head in the photo?

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Transit sales tax questions tied up with T's future

we need to stop thinking of dissolving the T as even an option. it shouldn't even be on the table for discussion. it's broken, so fix it. we seem to have plenty of money to "fix" the corner of 7th and mass twice a year, so i think someone could find the money to come up with a viable plan to keep us at least in the mid-twentieth century. we need to think about moving forward, but as long as we have people greenlighting ridiculous projects like the re-bricking of ohio street, we're going to keep looking backward, and looking foolish.

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Project Runway Season 5, Episode 3 - Nightlife

blayne did call tim gunn "tim-licious" when he walked in the door. that kid clearly spent the time after he got accepted to try to come up with this season's "tranny hot mess." and failed.another notable occurrence was the first appearance of jennifer and leanne on screen at the same time, proving that they're not the same person.okay, so i'm not convinced that i can go on watching this show after last night. terri's dress/pants combo was so clearly the winner, and kenley's so clearly not. i agree that the toilet paper dress should have gone, but kenley's poofy shakespearean sleeve short leg thing was atrocious. and the ace frehley sleeves? holy crap! the whole thing was an abortion. even the misguided ruffles on emily's dress didn't come close to it in ugliness. at least it worked as a dress. jerell, korto, leanne, and terri's outfits were all better than kenley's, and blayne, daniel, jennifer, keith, kelli, stella, and suede's outfits were worse than emily's.i need a new hobby.

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Use of city buses down

The T, compared to any other city I've been to or lived in, is the most reliable I've ever seen. In cities like Chicago, a "schedule" is printed as a formality only. The T always runs on time, and runs every half hour, which is a pretty easy schedule to fit into your lifestyle. The problem with the T is a vicious circle created by people who are blind to the public benefit of anything but enormous, unnecessary personal space afforded them by a vehicle that they can wield like a shield, combined with an imaginary urgency in their schedule and some twisted, bloated sense of personal freedom that they feel is being infringed upon by the funding of anything they're not smart enough to use. The T is a good thing. It just is. Think about it (start by thinking) and you'll recognize that. "All day to get to Target" on the T? Try forty minutes-maybe. It was pretty clear in the recent Lawrence Sustainability Symposium that the most vocalized complaints against the T are unfounded, unresearched, and ignorant. I recall at least two people complaining of a lack of access to places that are on AT LEAST one T route, which was (too) politely pointed out by Mr. Galante. Try leaving your tiny shell in your tiny plane of existence long enough to see what's happening around you and you may notice that certain things are not only not worth complaining about, but may even be beneficial to the community you want so desperately to protect from public programs. If you're so terribly afraid to ride the T (let's just admit it), move to Overland Park, where everyone is nice because you never have to see them outside of their Escalades. How much money are you willing to "throw at" the completely pointless SLT, just to cut a few minutes off your commute in or out of a town you clearly don't enjoy? Personally, I'd rather live in a progressive, vibrant city with character (and a responsible way to see it) than a bedroom community with all the charm of the new Eudora suburbs. If you're worried that the T isn't making enough money to support itself, ride it. Or just keep complaining about the problem you're creating-silently, please.

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Tom Petty tribute and Best Bets (Pulse Podcast)

and terry rombeck is the refreshing sprig of mint.

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Tom Petty tribute and Best Bets (Pulse Podcast)

damn fine. julia and tyler in one room is like a freakin' ecstasy smoothie.

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Bill would require HPV shot for girls

"Living in fear of the government and their health agenda is just plain stupid. Why wouldn't the government want to prevent HPV? A simple series of shots will save lives and an incredible amount of money. Don't assume that you know more than the FDA on ANY topic. Living in some paranoid world might just allow your child to die from something you could have prevented. Perhaps the FDA should raise YOUR child."

since "confrontation wants a pissing match:

1) someone who doesn't fear our government's health agenda calling me stupid? have you ever been to a doctor? have you ever filed an insurance claim?
2) you can assume what you want about what i know and don't know, but please don't comment on the virtues of the fda, an organization that can release a medication that kills people, and then ban the drug without accountability.
3) you know what else might kill my child? car wreck. mule kick. mountain dew. but do you know what i fear most? it's every tool like you that doesn't question the agenda of governement when it comes to public health. since we're supporting government policy without question, perhaps racial profiling could be prescribed in schools to prevent terrorism.
4) interesting notion about the fda as parent. i wonder how long a child would last while on ritalin, claritin, albuterol, and celebrex at the same time.

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Bill would require HPV shot for girls

nowhere did i mention that i was living under the illusion that my daughter will never have sex. i believe i stated the contrary. but i would hardly say that education will do no good in this case. raising a child with high self-esteem and an education that discusses limiting sexual partners can't hurt, and might even help. i'm not fool enough to believe that abstinence is a reality in most cases, and the vaccination may be effective, but "neglect" is putting the raising of your children in the hands of a government that has anything but their best interests in mind.

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