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Tyshawn Taylor expects ‘crazy’ game

This is my 1st post. I would like to thank GOD that I was born in Lawrence. I want to confess
my standards for JAYHAWK performance are so unrealistic, that I am incapable of watching
a game without becoming apoplectic. With that said, to all Hawk players past & present please
forgive my inappropriate behavior, simply put if I ever had the opportunity to play ball in front
of 16,300 x T.V. #s I'd soil myself. JAYHAWKS, please, run what is asked OF YOU by the
c.staff. stay as much in the moment as possible. REGARDLESS of what takes place, lob dunk,
double back door for a layup, perfectly run screen giving birth to a N.B.N. 3. OR, dribble
off your foot throw the ball to the crowd, air ball. NO MATTER WHAT ,JUST GET BACK ON
DEFENSE. 40 minutes. To the fans at the game. As I have admitted my own shortcomings,
well, 1 of them, please,PLEASE, SHOW CLASS. Yes MOZU is leaving. It may be the Tigers
last trip to the FOG. None of the young men playing on sat. have anything to do with that decision. As Jayhawk fans we love to talk about tradition, history of the game, " OUR"
place in the record books etc. Truth is, that without the teams we play against we don't
count. This may be an unpopular idea, but, if your at the game on sat. please give the Tigers
an ovation when introduced, Not a standing ovation, just class. If I may wax biblical, my prayer is that each JAYHAWK PLAY TO THIER ABILITIES IN THIER CHILDHOOD DREAMS.

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