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Fix-It Chick: Tips for installing a remodel can light

Might want to mention about making sure you know where the ceiling joists are in relation to the desired location for the can light. I learned the hard way, thinking I knew where the joist was, unfortunately finding it was in a different spot, right where I wanted to put the can light. Fortunately, it was going in a closet, so I could move it a couple inches and my ceiling boo-boo was not that noticeable!

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Only in Lawrence: Marlin Bates talks to the earth, tells growers what it says

I worked with Marlin for a short time in college. Great guy, and I know he is a great asset to the Douglas County extension office.

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Journal-World to include USA Today in daily editions

USA Today is a waste of trees. They are always a day behind with their news stories, and really do not add any value to the newspaper. Not sure why the push to add the USA Today to local papers now, but IMO, total waste of paper.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Still full-service

Westside 66 is a Lawrence icon, and Rich truly is one of Lawrence's finest. As a former employee, Rich trained me and gave me an opportunity as a high school student with little automotive knowledge. Through the years (summers between college, holiday breaks, etc.) Rich ALWAYS found time for me when I needed to work a few hours. Not only has Rich been such an important part of my life as a great employer, Rich has been a great friend to help me out in tough times throughout my life as well. That, I feel, epitomizes who Rich Haig is; not just a fine business man, but a caring individual who always has time for others, and who always will be there to lend a helping hand to his fellow man. When I am back in Lawrence, I always make it a point to stop by and say 'hello' to Rich and the gang at Westside 66; it really is a place where 'everybody knows your name'. Cheers to a Lawrence institution!

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What is your favorite poem?

“My beard grows down to my toes,
I never wears no clothes,
I wraps my hair
Around my bare,
And down the road I goes.”

-Shel Silverstein

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City to consider mandatory trash carts

I used to live in Lawrence, but live in Des Moines, IA now. We have a standardized trash cart service in Des Moines, and it is great. It simplifies the trash service for the city, and makes it easier on the workers, as they are not having to physically lift different sized trash cans all day. Plus, the way the City of Lawrence commission is describing the trash service above (i.e., allowing for extra bags to be set outside of the can), that is great; in Des Moines if we have an extra bag, we have to pay an extra $1.25 / bag to throw them out. As for yard waste, Lawrence also has it made as well; in Des Moines we have to also pay $1.25 / bag to dispose of yard waste, regardless of how many bags you put on the curb. I'd quit your whining and look at the positive... better for the city efficiency, better for the worker's health/safety, safer for the city (i.e., no trash cans rolling all over the street), and basically at little or no extra cost then what you are currently paying.

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KU renovating Touchdown Club in south end zone

Can someone explain the loophole that allows for the sale of beer and wine in the Touchdown Club?

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Furniture stores opening in former food store on South Iowa

I don't really feel that customer service has been an issue on any of my visits to NFM... after all, the salespeople on the floor work on commission, so most are eager to service you, and for the most part are pretty knowledgeable in the departments they are working in.

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Navy veteran to graduate with KU engineering fellowship

Way to go buddy! Great article about an upstanding citizen who has done well for his country, family, and self, while balancing it all. That in itself represents leadership... putting oneself behind family and country, and being successful at all three.

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Cole Aldrich going pro: Junior center leaving KU to enter NBA Draft

Seriously, this kid is an ACADEMIC ALL-AMERICAN. I'm pretty sure he will have enough common sense to finish his degree when he gets done playing ball. Even if he plays for 1 year and has a career ending injury, I'm sure he'll have enough $$ from that one year of playing professional B-Ball to pay for his last semester or two to get his degree. I am so tired of this stupid "stay in school, get your degree" argument. Makes no sense for someone like Cole.

While I'm thinking of it... you know the commercial they often show on ESPN, the one that says "There are over 300,000 college athletes, and most all of them will go pro in something other than sports?" Yeah, that doesn't apply to Cole b/c he is going pro in basketball, the CAREER he came to KU to further his education in.

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