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More than 600 gather at public forum to vent frustration with closing of Lawrence SRS office

This isn't about money, when we passed the budget there was a big argument between the house and the senate over how much we should leave in the bank. The senate wanted something like 10 million the house something like 70 million. They compromised on 80 million. I have no idea either, we have idiots in our legislature but I digress. After that we got the first quarter revenue numbers and the state came in almost $50 million over projections. We have plenty of money to rent a building in Lawrence.

Rob Sidlecki moved across the country away from his kids and divorced wife, twice. This is the man who thinks the problem with poverty is women caring for children on their own. Ask his two kids and ex-wife about that.

No, the reason why this was closed down is clear, it is clear beyond any reasonable doubt. It isn't that the 4th largest population in the state doesn't need services, it isn't that we can't afford rent, it isn't even that this administration is hostile to poor or disable people. The reason this office closed is because Douglas county votes for Democrats. Expect more of the same naked partisanship in redistricting.

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Josh Selby missed his shot

Where does Keegan pull this crap from? I am disappointed that Selby chose to leave early and I think it was a mistake. I think he had some people without his best interests at heart chirping in his ear and I think he probably lacks the maturity to see that. That is not at all uncommon in college freshman.

What I don't see is this revisionist "body language" stuff. I watched every game of this past year just as I have done for as long as I can remember. Josh Selby played very hard on the court, he was involved, active and supportive of his team when he was on the bench. There was nothing wrong with his body language. I don't get the hate for the kid and that is what this is, hating on the kid. Keegan, he had a disappointing year, everyone, especially Selby, knows that. Why do you insist on piling on with stuff that just isn't true? I'm sure you are familiar with disappointment and judging by the bitterness of your writing, I'm also sure you never handled with close to the grace Selby has.

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Recurring Morris twins trouble especially disturbing

I'm sorry, that was a horrible call on the elbow by Morris. Pullen ran in between he and Kelly and ran into the elbow. It was a horrible call and the video showed it clearly. It wasn't intentional at all.

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Mark Mangino leaves Lawrence, moves to Florida

What are you talking about ShePrecedes? Why do you view KU with condescension? KU actually has a pretty good reputation academically and in the sciences. I would be more concerned with our state's lack of support for higher education and their willingness to use science in secondary education as a political football.

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