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Saturday Column: Kansas voters must consider candidates’ Obama ties

He might want to consider a short term lease on a residence somewhere in he can really claim to be "from" kansas........he has been in Washington too long! As he stated himself he only comes back when he has an opponent.....or an election!

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Letter: Not surprised

Well written and well said! Couldn't agree more!

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Letter: Boom and bust

Interesting that oil companies have a "12 year exemption" from paying local property tax in the counties where the pipeline exists.......what the heck? Can't the oil companies afford property tax? Sounds like another give to the rich and take from the poor to me.......when are our elected officials going to wake up and realize what they are doing to this state? Maybe our governor has some friends in the oil business??? Hmmm.....

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Traffic flowing on 23rd Street after Friday gas leak

Are you sure it was 830pm? I got caught in traffic on 23rd st at 730 pm and could see all kinds of fire and police lights in front of hobby lobby.....

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Bill seeks to pre-empt federal protection of Lesser Prairie Chicken

There are children in Kansas who are homeless. There are mentally disabled adults on waiting lists trying to get benefits .....and we are paying the salary of this elected official to save the lesser prairie chicken? There is something wrong here....

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What was the best Christmas present you ever got?

When my sons were 1 and 3 i asked my husband for a homemeade gift. He made imprints of their tiny little hands and i still have them framed today!

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Mother grateful for ‘Christmas miracle’ after young actor collapses on Theatre Lawrence stage

This young man's performance as "Donkey" was incredible! He is a very gifted performer. Thank goodness there were people in the audience that could perform CPR until he could be transported to LMH. Prayers go out to him and his family for a full recovery and hopefully we will see him again in future productions!

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What is your favorite holiday-season movie and why?

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! We watch it every year! It's a classic!

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Cottonwood provides activities for disabled older adults

Thanks to the Lawrence Arts Center for providing the venue for this yearly event. This is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for these special artists....and hopefully because of this article people will seek out their works of love that are displayed in the basement of the Arts Center. "The artists" were in attendance Saturday from 10am to 12noon and were all proudly wearing thier name tags deeming them "featured artists'. Even more special were the employees of the Cottonwood Retirement Enrichment Services that spent Friday evening and Saturday morning determined to make this event a success. They even brought homemade cookies and refreshments to add to the festivities. We are so lucky to have such dedicated, loving, caring and devoted care givers in our community that provide this wonderful service to the intellectually disabled in their "senior years." Thank you Cottonowood employees for truly "enriching" the life of my sister, Kathy, and all of her special friends. You are the greatest!

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City commission to consider $725,000 loan to homeless shelter

I wonder how many people with negative comments have ever even visited the homeless shelter. I have participated in cooking a meal one night a month for the past 5 years with a group of friends. In doing this I have seen first hand people who have absolutely no where else to go. One women diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer was given a bus ticket back to Lawrence to the shelter the day she was released from the hospital and that is where she lived out the remainder of her life....on a mat on the tile floor sharing a bathroom and shower with 39 other adults and trying to eat anything bland and soft that was donated by volunteers. Sure there are people who milk the system but I am so proud of the shelter and being part of a community that helps out people who are not as fortunate and need help. I hope all you who are so negative never have to experience a community with an "i don't care attitude". I for one am proud to belong to a community that looks out for others and not just for themselves.

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