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We had a great experience with Dale Willey. We just bought a certified 2013 car from them. It was probably one of the most pleasant car buying experiences we've had. Our salesman, Chris bent over backwards for us. I had a hard time deciding which car I liked and what features were important to me. He was very patient and took the time to answer all my questions. He asked about financing and when I told him we had our own, he didn't pressure us to use theirs. He offered to let me take a car for the day and see how I liked it. I didn't like that car, so he was more than willing to help me keep looking. When I found the car for us, the paperwork went very quickly. He even came in on his day off to help us finalize the paperwork. He took the time to get the blue tooth, OnStar and the satellite radio set up. He went over every feature on the car to make sure we understood everything.

I feel confident in recommending Dale Willey, we had a great experience and will definitely go back.

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Baseball museum in Muscotah rounding second base

Muscotah is my hometown! It was a great place to grow up. Glad to see good things happening there, looks like it's time for a trip home.

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City now strongly considering adding glass to proposed curbside recycling program

Salsa, jelly, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, horseradish sauce, Tabasco sauce, the hot peppers, BBQ sauce, and wing sauce my husband likes come in glass jars. Spaghetti and pasta sauce, some salad dressings, not to mention the occasional beer, liquor and wine bottles. Glass is not the biggest item we recycle, but our family definitely has a need for glass recycling.

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I was at the doctor’s office recently, and while I was waiting, I could hear everything the doctor w

Unless you were able to identify the patient the doctor was talking too, there isn't a violation. You can overhear all the medical information about a particular patient, but as long as you don't hear who the patient actually is, or are able to figure out who the patient is, no breach of confidentiality has occurred. Now if you happened to walk out of your room at the same time that other patient does and you see it is someone you know, then a violation may have occurred.

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Free State High School graduate is tops at U.S. Army leadership course

John was a friend of my daughter's in high school. He was a great kid. Even then you knew he was going to make his mark in the world. Congratulations John!

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Students work murder crime scene as part of biology class

Yea, i did this last year, you learn how to lift finger prints, take finger prints, collect hair that was left at the crime scene, and interview suspects. The school officer teaches most of the classes in this unit.

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Hacked off! Lawrence computer users exposed to a variety of hacking techniques to compromise online accounts

maybe some of these reporters should learn the story a little better before they post it, if they had done any reasearch what so ever, they would know that LHS's video (i'm not trying to say it was bad), has been on youtube for a while, at least a year, so that many views is not all that impressive. Freestates video just went up the day it was ruined. This article made it sound like Free State started this youtube battle, when infact Lawrence High students were responsible for the first youtube attach. The remarks that Lawrence High put on the FreeState video were very offencive, which is the reason that the Free State kids acted out.

Why is this article not pointing out the wrongs that LHS did? and why are there no pictures of the Free State video that was ruined?

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Eateries set to open on downtown block

Shouldn't she open her bakery before 8:30 if she wants people to come in on their way to work?

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Saving Money With RedBox Rentals

We had the same thing happen to us several times. I won't rent from redbox again.

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Grade shuffle may be in cards

Ninth graders are high schoolers, they should be in the high school.

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