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Resident irritated by repeat outages

Above ground power lines which are mostly in your older neighborhoods are known for squirrels in transformers and freezing in the winter?!?
A lot has to do with how many trees are in the area as well. Also the older AC units which are not only costly for the consumer but a huge load on the energy supply.
This is not a new thing in Lawrence. I have lived all over town and had this happen.
Good Luck

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Resident irritated by repeat outages

That is par for the course when you live in a older neighood with above ground power lines happens all the time.

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Mother tells board WRAP kept her son from killing

I think the issue of bullies needs to be addressed as a whole in the Lawrence School system. This is going on far too much. I know Langston Hughes is doing a anti bully pledge. This needs to be done at all schools and all grades period! We need stricter consequences for kids that bully.
I know WRAP deals with much more than kids being bullied and some kids would be lost without this program.

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