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Missing Kansas girl, 12, found safe in Michigan


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The Oread hotel falls victim to vandals

I don't know why people keep saying it is ugly. I like the way it looks as well as most people that I have heard speaking about it. Stop Hating!
The people that did this just thought that they could get more attention this way. But shame on them. They could of easily had a march or something. Being distructive is not the answer.

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Arthur Davis III gets 25 years for baseball bat attack on ex-wife

What is so sad, is that if he would have killed her then he would be doing less time. All the guys that killed Quincy Sanders are all out of prison. They are back in Topeka living their lives as if nothing happened. Probably coming down to Lawrence commiting more crimes. Terrible!

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Douglas County Dental Clinic changes income guidelines

I appreciate the service that the Dental Clinic is offering but most people will still find it hard to get services from the Dental Clinic. I have called and found out that you must get x-rays from the clinic that will cost about $180, and to get a cavity fixed it is about $60 at least. So to get a cavity fixed you would need about $240.00. I know this is probably less than you would pay a regular Dentist but most people would not be able to afford this either. I have heard that some where there is a Clinic offering free Dental care but I think it is only for children.

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July trial scheduled in lawsuit over Cat Tracker fatal accident in 2006

First of all I am a Bus Driver. I feel like I would be responsible if I allowed people to hang out of windows, open the back door, and if there was a place for them to ride on the bus top then I would have to tell them to get off or the bus would not move. I had more problems with adults making poor decisions when I would drive party buses or shuttles then I did with the school kids. Now the men may have snuck up there but I would think that the driver would of heard them. Who knows what the situation was but it is very sad. The driver should not of moved the bus till the men were down from the top. But the men should of been responsible enough to read the signs, after all they were adults. Very Sad for everyone.

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Lawrence’s list of murder victims

What a slap in the face to some of these victims families! Losing a loved one and the person that took the life does a small amount of time ( Vacation ) ! I am not upset with the Police or Detectives that spent the time solving these murders. I am upset with the judicial system. If I had spent time solving these crimes and this is all they got in return? Okay done venting! God Bless these victims and all the families. RIP Q

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Lawrence’s list of murder victims

Just a shame! Some of these people got 6 years for murdering someone. I know of drug dealers that got more time then damn near all of these people. So don't sale drugs but you can murder someone. Hmmmm doesn't seem right! Not that selling drugs is acceptable but neither is murder! Would it be because in one case the government doesn't get its share of the profits. Guess its all how you look at it. huh?

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City to begin issuing tickets on Tuesday for unshoveled sidewalks

oops! The pot calling the kettle black!

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City to begin issuing tickets on Tuesday for unshoveled sidewalks

Now wouldn't that be calling the pot calling the kettle black! If I ever got a ticket for my sidewalk I would put up a fit with the way these streets looked and are still looking this many days after the storm. Now I understand it takes time but they better give the same consideration to us!

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‘Outsider’ an angel on the inside

I have had the pleasure of meeting him on a few occasions around town. He has always stopped to speak to me and my children. He is a very kind man and I enjoyed talking with him. I wish we had more kind and friendly people in this world. Thank you!

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