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More children have no place to call home: Homeless students a widespread concern

People have a heart and stop making rude comments!!!!!! If this is not happening to you, then don't judge others. Please people have some sympathy for these poor people and always remember, you never know what the God has in store for you. Please have a heart!!!

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Sunflower Broadband acquired by Georgia-based company

I bet Local Freenet company is happy now, please people turn to ATT, not them, nothing but headaches and bad customer service, when the service is actually working!!!!!

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Authorities, drivers still face numerous headaches after weekend pileups

Ok, can we please report on the people who were hurt in the accident. There are people here in lawrence as well as Kansas city that were involved, have no car now, no money, and ina bad situation. Let's feel bad for these people as well!!, not just one person who could not find his/her vehicle!!!!!

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Fight to the finish

Great Game Marcus!!!! So very proud of you:) Dad and Marisa.

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Weather-related cancellations this weekend

I would highy agree with you dancemomx2, until someone walks in our shoes, you need to keep your opinions to yourself. We, as providers spend more time with your children than you do!! I treat all of my children as I would my own. They are a part of my family. Providers deserve more respect than we get, its ridiculous. We deserve time off, just like anyone else. If you don't like a contract then don't sign it. But please, be respectful to the ones who care and nurture your children daily.

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Weather-related cancellations this weekend

Let all of the complainers continue to vent. Until you own and operate your own daycare please do not pass judgement on anyone!!

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Weather-related cancellations this week

I was not posting multiple times, people are entiled to their opinion!! Like I said I work outside the home and was trying to point out that everyone should pull together in times like this!!!!

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Weather-related cancellations this week

Like i said earlier,not everyone is a minivan mom that can stay at home, There are children that walk to and from school! then there are the rude minivan moms that dont even offer rides, have a heart and help people out!!!!!

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Weather-related cancellations this week

There are 174 schools closed thus far, for the safety of the children!!!! What is wrong with Lawrence????? Not every parent has the luxury of staying home, some kids do walk. This is very sad, but nothing new. Maybe we could have had a shorter Christmas break for the kids!! This is just wrong!!!!!

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Free State boys upend LHS, 50-45

Go Marcus Ray..............Marisa and Baby Girl:)

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