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Pop-up prom in downtown Lawrence; south Iowa street retail development begins to open

I had the misfortune of going to Five Guys once when I lived in Lawrence. It was such a disappointment. The food was about average, priced too high, and the place was a mess, not like one would expect a restaurant to be.

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Immigration law expert explains rocky path to citizenship; for cases like Syed Jamal's, it's complicated

What is complicated about it? He is here illegally, and should not be here AT ALL. What is wrong with sending him back to his home country?

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Mystery grows around pending deportation of longtime Lawrence resident; online protest petition tops 27,000 signatures

Absolutely correct! He skirted the law. Simple fact. He has lived a peaceful life here. But he is here ILLEGALLY. He needs to go back to his home country. And if allowed years in the future, apply to come here LEGALLY.

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Updated Free State High School upgrades to focus on 'fully integrated learning environment'

How will these updates accommodate students with disabilities?

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A sign the flu is about to descend upon city; something called an EBUS coming to town; 23rd Street retailer set to close

Merry Christmas, Chad. I look forward to Town Talk here in Kentucky.

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Midco gives Lawrence Public Library $90,000 for new computers

This is something that is long overdue. Midco is to be congratulated for their initiative in providing for new computers.

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Drugstore pain pills as effective as opioids in ER patients, study concludes

Then they'll also have to deal with the folks who take too much of the ibuprofen, and develop ugly, nasty, painful ulcers from too much of a "safer" medication.

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Grocery store files plans to demolish building, start anew along south Iowa Street

The Aldi's here in Paducah, Kentucky was torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. And the new store is wonderful for the shoppers. I like shopping at Aldi's, and the new store makes it more enjoyable. They had a temporary location so the customers were not too inconvenienced. It worked out very well.

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LMH reaches deal to build multimillion-dollar medical facility near Rock Chalk Park

They want to move the breast center out to the new facility on the west end of town? Will there be adequate convenient transportation for the women who need to get there? Perhaps it would be better to have two locations to better serve the women of Lawrence and the surrounding area, instead of sticking it out there so far from the population to the east.

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Donor David Booth explains his $50M gift for KU football stadium

What in the world are they planning to do to Memorial Stadium that costs $300,000,000? I've been there, ands I wonder how that "renovation" compares to what the stadium cost in the first place---in real dollars, and in now dollars equivalent to what it cost then.

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