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Sale of Lawrence cable TV, internet operations finalized; new owner says changes in store

Call me a cynic, but how long will this ownership last before another regional group buys it out?

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Just in time for the holidays, good Samaritans lead efforts to pay off lunch debts at local schools

This is definitely a Best of Lawrence! What a neat community effort! Congratulations to all concerned.

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52-year-old man suffers life-threatening injuries in stabbing; suspect arrested

The addresses---are they correct? The two addresses given in the article are across the street from each other.

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More on the latest chicken chain; update on a Lawrence resident's effort to win Kelly Ripa contest; local business awards and Habitat for Humanity fundraiser

The last time I was in Lawrence, there were a LOT of people living there who are NOT milennials. Maybe a restaurant set up for good quality food, which does NOT serve chicken and would appeal to the middle aged folks could be an idea.

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Clown sightings still coming in, though police say they've yet to encounter a costumed character

People actually call the police department with questions about clowns?

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Why the latest report to call Lawrence the most expensive city in Kansas may not be right

Ah, but Chad, living in Lawrence is terribly expensive if you work for the state/university, and are a renter. College towns have notoriously high rent, because they can get it from students, who double up in apartments. Those who might be "misfortunate" or "unfortunate" enough to be single and government employees cannot afford some of the Lawrence rents on their own. I know. I used to live in Lawrence, and worked at KU. I left Lawrence in 2013, from a retirement apartment. Aside from the fact that Kansas winters are nasty on those who have trouble tolerating the cold, I left because I could not find an affordable place to live. I was not alone.

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National broadcast leader tells Lawrence crowd to change the channel

If I could only get some channel that broadcast something FOR my candidate rathwer than being so biased against him....

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Former Kansas high school athlete fatally shot by Alabama police officer

Justice WAS served. The officer had told him not to reach for his gun, and he did. This was a totally justifiable shooting. The race of each of the principles is irrelevant.

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To what Lawrence cause would you donate $10,000 if you could?

The Pulmonary Hypertension Association for research into treatment and CURE of this awful disease.

June 7, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

A look inside Capitol Federal Hall, KU School of Business' new home

I agree with you, Kate. I am really glad I only had my account at Capped for a very short time when I lived in Lawrence. I would hate to think that depositors' money was paying for that hall.

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