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With signs finally up, enforcement begins for ADA parking permits on KU campus

When I worked at KU several years ago, I had a handicap license plate, and had to buy a red parking permit. What changed?

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How does Obama's College Scorecard score KU?

Gee, who really cares where Obama's "scorecard"" lists anything? We know how good KU is, and that is all that really matters.

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New multimillion dollar medical building set for west Lawrence; future of Clinton Parkway interchange may spark a battle

When I lived in Lawrence, (till 2/2013), there was a Douglas County Bank on the northeast corner of Sixth and Folks. Is that no longer there?

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Nurse's lawsuit alleges that Lawrence Memorial Hospital falsified records

I visited the ER at LMH a couple of times with chest pain. NEVER was I told to wait in the reception area. The magical words "chest pain" get you the express line to a treatment room. In fact, they did not even take any info past the complaint, but immediately got a wheel chair and moved me to an exam room. Yes, I was on Medicare at the time.

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Planners looking at trading some downtown parking spots for additional bicycle parking; Alvamar redevelopment recommended for approval by planning commissioners

At least federal mandates for handicapped parking will prevent the city from canceling those spaces. Someone said that walking to alternative parking spaces is always an option. It is if the shopper can do that walking. Handicaps do not necessarily mean the person is in a wheelchair, and this prevents many people from shopping downtown. I lived in Lawrence in the first ten years of this century, and seldom went downtown just because of this. Walking from on a parking spot in Lawrence as q disabled person is not an option for me---or for many others.

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74-year-old Lawrence man dies in mower accident

You are right, Dorothy. I was wondering along those lines myself.

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Rebuilt 31st Street now open from Ousdahl to Haskell

I thought the video was interesting: did you notice the way it ended abruptly The driver was going through a light, and somebody was coming from his left--collision?. And I also got that 31st st is open now---what a surprise after all the subliminal hints in the video!

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Westar Energy agrees to refund $10M, drop electric rates

Would this apply to former customers? Are they part of the settlement?

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What’s the weirdest or most off-beat sport you’ve ever taken part in or watched?

Chicken volleyball. No chickens were hurt in the playing of this game. (none were used)

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Lawrence bands collaborate on song honoring 17-year cicadas

Are they serious??? A song honoring a bug with a seventeen year life cycle?

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