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What's the worst road in the area to drive in winter weather?

When I lived in Lawrence, Kentucky was especially terrifying, because of parking on both sides.Never got cleared of snow enough.

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Kansas mistakenly notifies some state employees they've been fired

How many ways can you spell OOPS ? This was not a computer error, it was a human error, that when doing testing they didn't look for it.

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Brownback issues executive order opposing Syrian refugees relocating to Kansas

You have heard that there are about 20 governors who have made the same executive decision as Brownback, haven't you? He is not alone in wanting to keep terrorist "refugees" out of Kansas. I think it is a good move. There are no methods of vetting in use right now that will single out the ISIS trained Syrians.

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Brownback issues executive order opposing Syrian refugees relocating to Kansas

The refugees count among their numbers terrorists. The governor is calling for all the Syrian refugees to be kept out of Kansas, including terrorist group members. There were refugees among the terrorists who died after the killings in Paris last Friday.

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Student-led Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk group issues diversity-related demands for KU; here's some more context

They want to increase the numbers of illegal immigrant on on campus? Hmmm don't think so. Do they know the meaning of illegal?

They want to reopen a 45 year old death investigation that has already been settled with a verdict? I don't think so.

Some of their "demands" make sense, but they need to realize that along with what is called "social justice" is the adherence to laws, city, state and federal.

The KU I loved when I lived in Lawrence makes me sad now.

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Another 'escape room' business likely to locate in Lawrence; rumors, rumblings and other speculation about an opening date for Menards

News flash! Just because it works in New York does not mean it will work in Lawrence! And he got the idea from a magazine article about a locked in room in New York. okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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With signs finally up, enforcement begins for ADA parking permits on KU campus

When I worked at KU several years ago, I had a handicap license plate, and had to buy a red parking permit. What changed?

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How does Obama's College Scorecard score KU?

Gee, who really cares where Obama's "scorecard"" lists anything? We know how good KU is, and that is all that really matters.

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New multimillion dollar medical building set for west Lawrence; future of Clinton Parkway interchange may spark a battle

When I lived in Lawrence, (till 2/2013), there was a Douglas County Bank on the northeast corner of Sixth and Folks. Is that no longer there?

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