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City wants feedback on proposed changes to transit system

If they really want the "hub" at a central point, what is more central to the community than downtown? The trip out to 21st and Iowa adds needless time and money to riding the T, and is not a good use of funds either by the community or, by users.

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Business briefcase June 23

The KANSAS alliance of weavers met in Parkville MISSOURI?

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Topeka parents, students react to Obama changes

Or maybe she got wind of the conversations in Kansas about how much people did not want her at the graduation, and made the only wise decision she could make.

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Lawrencian holds out hope for lung transplant, chance at new life

People make stupid decisions all the time. This gentleman is fighting for his life, and all you can do is criticize him? A little compassion can go a long way. Please try to show some toward Mr Jensen.

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One critical, two detained following early morning shooting

I lived in this block of Cedarwood when I first moved to Lawrence. There were no shootings then, just a body found in the pool--accidental drowning. What a shame for a family neighborhood.

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Soda shop with 1,100 varieties plans to open on Massachusetts Street

I may have to make a pilgrimage back to Lawrence this summer!
But you're not carrying Coke? Not Pepsi either, then either, eh?

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Soda shop with 1,100 varieties plans to open on Massachusetts Street

I haven't seen Kickapoo Joy Juice since at least the 60s! (maybe before)

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