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Today in Lawrence: 7 ways to spend your weekend

Well Cristina Perri in town the weekend my baby sings her song in her last concert of the school year. kinda weird but cool.

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Brush fire in Douglas County largely under control

prayers to the fire fighters out there tonight.

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Lawrence teacher gives kidney to prolong colleague's life

Izzy was so happy when she heard the news good luck to both of you. and LJW thanks for not letting me post unless I connected you to my facebook page.

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School board approves expansion plan for elementary schools

What room at the east end? Have portables at Kennedy sure prairie park is over full also. maybe a few schools should have not been shut down we all knew those kids had to go somewhere right?

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KU's Big Event getting bigger: Thousands turn out to volunteer for one-day, citywide effort

wish I had known could have used a little help today in the back yard but oh well might get the garden done before fall lol.
To the volunteers nice work and thank you for doing it.

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Obama coming to Lawrence to visit KU on Friday

What time would be nice do not want to be driving during the madness of streets blocked off and all that goes into a Presidential visit. Call me crazy.

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Board revises calendar for 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years

get rid of half day wed. every week make it once a month on fridays see how that helps the school calendar.

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Sound Off: Snow throw

Most people that throw the snow in the street are not creating a hazard they do it because the plow has been by and blocked their drive so they put it back out in street it melts faster that way and unless they are idiots they do not pile it up in one spot. Most of the snow at my house did end up in the yard how else the kiddos gonna make a snow slide but the yuck deposited at the end of the drive not it black and yucky.

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Heavy snowfall set to begin later tonight; forecasts call for 10 inches by noon Tuesday

I put mine out already on the off chance and even if they don't pick up they are there ready for when they do.

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The sequel: Freezing rain, snow expected to hit Lawrence Monday

well shoveled then got plowed back in the shoveled again done and as for putting back in road yeah did that to what they gonna do give me a ticket? besides melts faster that way.

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