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City offers tips to cut back on trash as students move out

could the city or some service organization or organizations offer a central location for dropping off unwanted clothes and furniture during these busy move-in/move out times? People are in a rush to get out of their current location, clean it and get in the new location and aren't going to take the time to sort clothes for one location, furniture for another and call Habitat Restore for pick up of large items. One location open for a weekend during the busy student housing transition times would be great. Those needing to drop could go there and those looking for items could stop by, thereby cutting down on waste and dumpster diving.

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Agencies seeking donations to help Lawrence family of 11 whose house burned

I should know better than to read comments at the end of family related stories because I always get irritated. Yes, family of 11 seems excessive. I planned a family of three - two parents and one child...then things happened...
As a grown up I take responsibility for the children that have come into my life. Not part of my plan and certainly not financially prudent. Please tell me where to send them where they will be cared for and given $650,000 it is going to cost to raise them. I don't have that kind of money but will raise them anyway.

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Charges filed against father, son in attempted murder case

This forum just makes me want to have taken a horrible family tragedy and turned it into a series of jokes about LARD. I agree with Did_I_Say_That that family and friends of the victim should ignore these forums but I'd take it a bit further encourage anyone with an ounce of compassion and a tiny bit of common sense to avoid this forum. I will not be back.

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Suspect in animal cruelty case released from jail on bond

why are we paying to jail him. The Kansan reports his passport was revoked- Why? Let him go back to Turkey!

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