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Third defendant in 2005 Dollar General murder gets maximum juvenile sentence

BULL! Robin was not only a family friend she was my Mom's best friend, she had 2 wonderful daughter's one of which was pregnant with her 1st child and Robin's 1st grandchild at the time. Robin never had a chance to see her daughter get married or meet that grandchild. I feel this poor waste of human flesh shoud riot in jail with her cohorts. We are forgeting they planned this, would you all feel this way if this was your Mom, daughter, or sister that was murdered so brutally. Put yourself in Robin's shoes, this girl had a chance to change things and she is showing no remorse. As for her beingh 15, I don't know a 15 year old out there that thinks this way and it wasn't that long ago I was 15 myself. This girl deserved so much more, the justice system failed us.

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

If it was my daughter I would tell her to stop cryin' about it. I really find it hard to believe he just whipped it out and started rubbin' up against her. I work for KU and most of the team comes into my buliding at least 2 to 3 times a week. I have never seen any of them even blink at a girl on campus. I feel she flirted with him and either he flirted back or she made it up to get back at him for turning her down. Most of the guys on the team seem a lil too busy to be running around humpin unsuspecting females.

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Lifetime of memories destroyed in house fire

I grew up with these people and I feel really bad for them. I don't have 7 children myself but she was a teen mom you guys and you have no clue all the fixing up they have done over the years. Of course they couldn't afford to fix the wiring because she is still dealing with the finacial loss of losing a parent. Before you go down the life insurance road I too had a parent pass that couldn't get life insurance and it's been over a year and I am still paying for his death. You all should really mind you business when it comes to her family cuz you don't know them and until you have spent a day in her shoes you have no idea. Really people can be so mean and hurtful, every child that lived in that house went to school, some kids are hard to reach and when they become old enough to skip and such it's really hard to tie them down and make them go to school.

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