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Lawrence school district, teachers move closer to work agreement for 2011-12

I totally agree with you ClassifiedPeon. Teachers would be lost without their support staff. I would like to see the teachers speak up for those they count on daily. The teachers feel like they are the only ones not getting paid what they are worth. What about their support staff who lost a day of pay, haven't had a cost of living raise in years, and taking on more responsibility because the district eliminated positions to save money to pay for the teacher raises?

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Should 15th Street continue to be the dividing line between Lawrence High and Free State High?

What if we use Iowa as the dividing line? It isn't close to either school so there isn't a problem with kids living a block away from the school going to the other one. I went to LHS and my kids went to FS. They are both taught the same with excellent teachers. There shouldn't be a problem with rich or poor. All kids are treated the same. It is the students who have the division problem.

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Report pulls alarm on lack of smoke detectors in Lawrence elementary schools

Portables are not required to have smoke detectors.

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Report pulls alarm on lack of smoke detectors in Lawrence elementary schools

Hopefully the construction is adding on to those buildings with portables.

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What temperature do you keep your thermostat at during winter months?

I keep my house between 61-63. The reason I do is not because of money, but because it is harder for your body to adjust to the temperature when you go outside. I feel that if you are comfortable inside then when you go outside it will feel a lot colder.

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District uses 'team cleaning' to prepare Lawrence schools for fall classes

If you have never done the job before, then you cant say whether it works or not. It takes someone who KNOWS the job to be able to lead those custodians. If they really talked to the custodians, then they would know how they feel. Why take them out of their buildings to work on someone elses when they are needed in their buildings. Also, they are wrong about leaving a full-time in each building. There are some that only have a part-time to begin with. What may work for another district don't always mea it will work for another. Especially when the buildings are still having activities going on after the team had gone through to clean. What a joke this is!

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Stadium inequities a costly lesson

I agree with you. There is no reason why the schools have to be exactly equal. Are all the junior highs and elementary schools equal? My kids went/are students at Free State, but I went to LHS and so did the rest of my family. I don't have a problem with Free State's stadium being a little nicer than LHS. And from what I was told, the DONOR offered LHS the exact same services if they did one thing. LHS refused to do that one thing and so the DONOR decided they didn't deserve their money.

Since Free State is a newer building it will always be nicer than LHS. It is just a building. The staff is what makes the building better. Each school has wonderful staff and students. Congrats to the graduating class of 2010. Good luck to you all!

For those of you who are concerned about money, maybe you should take a look at what the district does for those who are less fortunate.

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German cuts

I find it amusing that so many people want to save their programs when it comes to budget cuts. Not everything can be saved. First they fight to keep their SCHOOLS open, which the board does, but then they fight because of boundary changes. It doesn't seem like anyone is happy here. What the parents need to stop and think about is that the kids are getting a good education from great teachers. It doesn't matter where you go to school to get that education as long as it is given to them. If the board wanted to they could up the tuition and keep everything the same. Since the tuition is higher here than any other district, I think that the board has done everyone a favor.

As for keeping German in the 9th grade, it sounds like the board is only doing this for one year. Since the 9th graders will be in the high schools in 2011-12, they will have that opportunity to enroll in German. I feel bad for those parents who are upset about one class. I would like to know what they would cut from the budget if they had their choice. Would it be Spanish, computer skills, or even English? No matter what course the schools decide to cut, which they would rather not cut anything and keep those wonderful teachers, they have to cut something. NOBODY is happy about the changes which the government has forced this district to make. Everyone is feeling the cuts. Just be happy that the schools were not closed right now.

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Heating unit causes fire at T.J. Maxx in south Lawrence

I was in Michael's when they told us to evacuate. The unit was between TJ Maxx and Michaels. We sat in the parking lot for over an hour and a half and they still said it would be another half hour or so before we could go in. I gave up waiting. I couldn't believe how many fire trucks and ambulences that were there. We knew it wasn't that serious since there were no flames shooting out.

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Lawrence school board president suggests possibility of closing schools

I have heard that there are different budgets for different sections of the education. In these economic hardship times, why can't some of those budgets roll over into where we need them to be? I agree that teachers are very important in teaching our children. I also agree that bigger class sizes is not the answer. I would re-evaluate the way teachers are teaching. There are so many resources that they have which are a ways of money right now.
If you look at what they waste as far as materials, furniture, technology, it is incredible. They spend a lot on paper alone. They also spend a lot on printing materials which end up in the trash at the end of the year because the teacher never got around to using them.
Teacher spending on unnecessary items is incredible. They worry about how their room looks inviting to a student instead of other issues. We have some really good teachers out there, but then there are those who are skating by and allowing others to help them teach. There are a lot of ways to cut costs and not close a lot of schools.
One building that could be cut is the virtual school. How often do the students go to the building anyway? Yes, they do have teachers, a secretary, a principal, a library which is totally unnecessary. Put those kids in a real school to be taught by real teachers like other students. They could use that building for storage. Wait does anyone in the public know about that? Storage which we don't have for stuff that is not being used at this time, but might next year. Check that out if you want to be steamed as a tax payer. There is a lot of wasteful spending, including personnel, that could help reduce the budget and not cut jobs like custodial.
And to add to the custodial staff doing a good job, they do. They have to put up with students who destroy property, use the restroom stalls to do their artwork instead of using toilet paper, teachers not asking students to pick up at lunch when they drop something, students marking on walls instead of paper, etc. etc. etc. If you worked their job, you would be thanking them every day for their dedication, then go home and discipline your child on his actions. If the district has to cut custodial, they understand. Just make sure your kids are doing their part to help their school.
Take a long look at where the spending is being misused. Figure out a way to rearrange the budget to help keep teachers and schools open.

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