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Letter: Downtown nostalgia

exactly. Why it may only save .50 on one item, people usually buy more than one item. Many items are cheaper than the grocery store and if you go to walmart to do that sort of shopping, you can save lots of money.
When my kids were babies, I shopped there for formula, diapers, etc., because it was cheaper.
And while I agree with sycohophant that I don't like their employee practices, some people do not have a choice.

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Longtime Lawrence resident creates bandana to commemorate 150th anniversary of Quantrill's raid

I don't know if I would say abolitionists as much as anti slavery. Kansas and missouri had been fighting since 1854, and this was just a continuation. Missouri was angry because it was another free state on their border and worried that kansans would help their slaves escape (john brown didn't help. ) and yes, they did rebuild and continue the town that was considered the anti slavery stronghold.

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Letter: Wasted effort

But if they aren't voting on obamacare, wouldn't they be doing something more beneficial for the people, so technically, they are wasting money voting on something that won't get overturned.

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Letter: Wasted effort

that is just amazing how much is wasted.

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Letter: Wasted effort

and no lifetime caps, and no pre-existing conditions. hard to be the "greatest country int he world" when some of its citizens lack decent health care coverage.

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100 years ago: Factory girls of Lawrence to have noontime break room

So strange to hear how women were catered to for their lunch breaks. But they started doing the same thing when women went to work during WWII. But they wanted them to be able to look like a woman when they left a factory, because women were supposed to look like women.
The places where those girls worked probably had breakrooms for the men, but in that time, women and men didn't socialize in the work place. Eatting lunch together would have been scandalous. About as scandalous as showing your knees to get on the streetcar!

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Firearms shop in Shawnee that caters to women ‘going great guns’

A gun shop owner who admits guns aren't for everyone? wowsa. I love the honesty and the truthfulness. Empowering women and teaching other ways of self defense after realizing a gun does not fit all scenarios. I like it! Actually, I love it. I hope she continues to do well. If I ever want something more than my baseball bat and dogs, I will visit her place to be sure.

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Pedestrian struck by car


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Pedestrian struck by car

we don't know if it was the driver's fault yet. but you are assuming....

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Freshman KU basketball player Brannen Greene cited for leaving scene of accident

he left the scene of an accident..... lots of stupid college students do that. he may have been partying (assumptions), but a lot of college kids do that too.
No one was injured..... and he will not make that mistake again.

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