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Opinion: A Trump prophet who nailed it

It is obvious that the POTUS wants to deport as many of those people as possible because he just doesn't care about them. After all, if they aren't citizens they can't vote or contribute to his campaigns. His latest effort is to deport 200,000 Salvadorans that were displaced by earthquakes and will likely face death when returned to their homeland. Trump has him immigration program...deport them all.

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Embattled Kansas DCF Secretary Gilmore to retire's about time.

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Protest at Lawrence Burger King causes fast-food restaurant to make changes

Having worked as a multi-unit manager for an different chain at one time in my life and having frequented this particular Burger King, The hourly manager and GM should have been gone for incompetence long ago. Service was slow and the employees seemed to not care at all about the customers.

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Opinion: GOP sort of admits the obvious

Puerto Ricans have voted more than once to become a state. They are Americans. Funny how the Germans have jumped into help while the POTUS tosses paper towels.

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Opinion: NRA fights for ‘white to bear arms’

Chicago? The murder rate in the KC Metro is higher per capita than Chicago. What we need are fewer weapons, not more. No one ever mentions that the city with the tightest gun laws has a low rate of homicide...that would be New York City.

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Kansas governor now backs ‘flat’ income tax plan, including eliminating exemption he had championed

A Flat Tax? C;mon...that only benefits the wealthy. That is why Sam likes it. The legislature had it right the first time. Go back and override his veto. Let him go off to Italy and ruin ag for the UN.

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School board to consider issuing MacBooks to all high school students

Another IT pro weighing in...MacBooks are too extravagant, but Chromebooks would be a waste in the opposite direction. Brandon is correct that if the district truly wants to make headway the first step would be to insure that every home ad reliable internet connectivity, wired or wireless. I appreciate the district wanting to improve technology but connectivity is needed before issuing hardware.

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Your Turn: Fight laws that allow guns on our campuses

Sorry Brock, but the State, you know the folks who actually own the property of KU, won't fork over the needed $$$ to install all of the safety measures needed. It will take more than $1 million just for Allen Fieldhouse and Memorial Stadium. The sane solution is to restrict the carrying of weapons on the campus. The right to bear arms, as you state is not absolute. There is also the right to regulate. Since Kansas has chosen to have no restrictions at all on carrying weapons, it needs be that some one needs to create a regulation. Having the campus ban firearms would not be an imposition to the vast majority of students, hence it is reasonable.

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Spokesman says Trump seeks 20 percent tax on Mexican imports to pay for wall

Lets get to real issue...we're talking a 20% tax on Oreos. That is flat unacceptable. Of course it is US consumers who will pay for it not the Mexicans. And Bob...the US has been a negative importer of Mexicans for a number of years, in other words, more are leaving than coming but I know that doesn't fit with your alternate facts.

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