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Kansas county commissioner under fire after 'Mohammed' slideshow

If any of you had actually read the Quran or worked or even talked with Muslims you would know that the religion does not teach hate anymore than Judaism or Christianity teaches hate. I am not surprised that Peterjohn was the one to go on the rant. It is tragic that this kind of rant is tolerated from an elected official.

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New multimillion dollar medical building set for west Lawrence; future of Clinton Parkway interchange may spark a battle

Last time I checked owning raw land was considered to be a high risk investment. Just because you thought something was going to remain the same doesn't override what's best for the entire population. Nothing wrong with the access road idea at all, unless you are named DiVilbiss.

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Brownback names new administration secretary; expands role of budget director

Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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Fact-checking Brownback's claims on the economy: Only part of story being told

There you go again. Tax rates are at their lowest since before the Great Depression. The dollar is not being devalued nor is the currency being debased. In fact real interest rates when adjusted for inflation are negative. Deficit spending is decreasing, something that hasn't happened since Bill Clinton was POTUS. If those government benefits are SS and Medicare, yes we can afford them. Kansas is better off than very few states. We have lowered taxes for what? The destruction of our education system.

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Kansas lawmaker's remarks on 'racist bigots' launches House probe

These children are either US Citizens because they were born here, or they are the children of undocumented aliens. They have lived their entire lives here and we have already paid for their k-12 education. By enabling them to attend a state university with in-state tuition we are giving them a chance to succeed. They are not eligible loans or other aid. The alternative is to guarantee failure and to waste the money spent on their childhood education.

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Court threatens to block new school funding plan

No wonder Sam wants to pack the court. They actually try to make sure the law is followed.

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Lawmaker likens abortion to Holocaust

Maybe someday all of us will come to the realization that we do not know when "life" truly begins. If at conception, then nature or a Creator has performed more abortions than doctors as fertilized eggs are routinely expelled during menses. We can all have our opinions, but to equate terminating a pregnancy by choice to the premeditated expungement of an entire sect of men women and children is an insult to those who endured the Holocaust. Let us also remember that the nation that practiced eugenics for the longest period of time is the US of A, not NAZI Germany.

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Rock Chalk Park audit recommends city make final $1M payment, but finds accounting of project was incomplete

There is a number of points that everyone seems to ignore. The audit basically said that the price was fair and the construction met the standards. So, we got what we paid for. Just what in the world is wrong with that? Just because you didn't want it built does not mean that anything illegal or unethical was done. By all accounts the facility is being used more than what was projected. So lets see...KU is happy with the results, Bliss is happy with the results, the folks who use the facility are happy with it, so what is the problem? Oh, that's right, we didn't vote on it. Well folks we live in a Republic. We elect officials to do our bidding, we don't vote, nor should we vote on every issue even large ones. That is what elections are for. Please do not elect a commission of disgruntled objectors to this project.

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Editorial: Opposing view

Rooker told the group that a majority of state legislators aren’t concerned with revenue shortfalls that resulted from the 2012 tax bill and are comfortable with funding cuts for public education. “They truly do not believe that government belongs in the realm of education,” she said.

Conservatives love to talk about the intent of the founding fathers. Well, the bill that mandated public education, or what today's tea partiers call Government Schools was written by John Adams. It was meant to insure that all citizens had access to an education. Actually, I believe Adams used the word FREE with education. Thus, government is a part of education and must be a part of education. But that is a minor issue compared to the notion that they are comfortable with revenue shortfalls. Do they think that the revenue fairy is suddenly going to drop cash into their laps? The idea of starving the beast is going to hurt all Kansans, not just the poor. Someone needs to ask these representatives of the people, "Who will come to Kansas when there are no services or education available?" The sun may be shining, but its going to be shining on empty spaces.

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Letter: Civil service

As a former State worker, the answer is not just, "No", but "Hell No". The state does not come close to paying salaries equal to the private sector. In theory the best benefit the State of Kansas has is its pension plan which is underfunded by nearly $9 Billion. Of course the current admin wants to change that to make it less attractive as well, Its a theory known as "Starve the Beast". Cut the size of government until it cannot function and then point at it and announce that it can't work.

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