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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

Wrong...Higher paying jobs come from demand for the product or service leading to increased production. Businesses provide products and services but employment is driven by demand for the product. Todays political climate is about as right wing as it has ever been and where has it gotten us?

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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

1st, there is no "Retail development" in downtown, unless bars and restaurants and apartments are now retail development. Downtown as a shopping area? That ship has sailed. So here we have a group of developers who want to spend their money to bring new and different retail to Lawrence and we say no because they didn't pick the spot we want them to? Maybe, just maybe their market research indicated that 31st and Iowa is a much better place than 6th and the SLT. I remember the zoning fight in a small village on Long island where they fought to protect the local delis against a Burger King. They claimed it would not only damage the local income but create an eyesore. So what they got instead was a Public Storage facility. So I guess we are only interested in additional property tax revenue and sales tax revenue if developers build where we think they should and not where research indicates they could prosper. Genius at work.

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Man with legal concealed gun had to leave Salina theater

Will a cc really be able to defend you? After all, they have training, but not for shooting at human targets. The whole "more good guys with guns" argument would seem to be a straw man when looked at rationally. Why is that we are the only nation where more guns are the answer? Look at the rate of gun related death and then explain why more is better.

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Letter: Building compulsion

Yes indeed, that expenditure for public safety, roundabouts is a real loser...NOT. Roundabouts are inherently more efficient and eco friendly than stop signs and stop lights. The Police building and sewage plant are necessities unless you want to have the solid waste placed in your front yard. In addition, this is a Republic, we elect officials to make decisions. Not every issue requires or should have a vote, that is what commissioners are for. If you don't like it, vote them out. It is the American way.

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Douglas County administrator proposes 3.85 mill levy increase, the highest in his career

The funny part of Trabert putting his $.02 worth in is that its the AFP program that was implemented that caused this mess. this is how they want it. Tax the crap out of property owners and those who pay sales taxes, but don't you dare tax my income even though progressive income taxes are vastly more fair and equitable. As for Mr. Johnson's contribution, renters pay property taxes indirectly through the land owner, so everyone shares in the misery. Remember this when you vote in November. The Tea Party candidates, ALEC, the AFP and other Koch sponsored pacs are the ones who caused this mess. Heck of a job Brownback.

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Protesters demonstrate in front of Lawrence Hobby Lobby over company's stance on birth control

This should serve as a wake up call that like every other industrialized nation, employers should not be responsible for employee health care. That would put a quick end to the BS of corporations being persons and having religious rights. It would likely be far more beneficial to both if the employer increased wages by the amount of the insurance premium they currently pay and stop trying to manage employee health decisions. With the advent of the exchanges, why not change the dynamic?

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Democrat Kelly Kultala responds to call for her excommunication

Apparently "citizen" Gilstrap needs to take a remedial reading course involving the Constitution of the United States and what it says about religion being a condition of holding office.

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Letter: IRS crimes

The IRS scrutinized groups on the left and right of the political spectrum. As someone who has worked in IT since 1997, yes, the explanation given by the IRS is plausible. Data is lost through poor design and lack of disaster recovery processes all to often. As for Bob Smith and Nixon...I guess you have forgotten the "Enemies List" and the abusive use of the IRS by that POTUS. But then again, FOX News hasn't reported on it for you.

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Editorial: Speak up

We did vote on the Rec Center when we elected the current officials. This is a republic, not a democracy for a darn good reason. The idea that we should put everything to a vote is crazy.

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Deep-dish pizza and funky old photos featured at new west Lawrence sports bar; city receives update on difficulties of fireworks ban; downtown parking changes on tap

Split the 4 pound pizza with the wife. I have been to Legends twice. The food and service are great.

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