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Letter: Brownback hypocrisy

Anyone who thinks that Sam the Sham didn't know what that add implied is being naïve.

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Letter: Tax truth

Nice use of the Tea Party spin machine. The top 1% owns way more than 38% of the wealth in the USA. they are paying the lowest income tax rates since the 1920's. If you happen to be a hedge fund manager you pay taxes at the Long Tern Capital Gain rate which is lower than the rate the average American pays. Shed no tears for the taxes paid by the wealthy. We are not living in an Ayn Rand novel. Taxes are not theft. They are the price we pay for a civilized society. The current Governor does not want to effective state government. His purpose should be obvious...he wants to starve the beast until it cannot possibly provide services. His pattern of privatizing services only benefits the owners of the contracts, not the citizens of Kansas. Revamping the tax code is a good idea, lets go back to the way it was under JFK, where there was still progression in the rates and the top rate was 70%. Lets get rid of the cap on Social Security so that all income is subject to FICA and Medicare. To answer another question you had, you single out one group, the middle class, because the wealthy don't need assistance; they have more than they need. The next time you don't think you benefit from taxes, remember to never call 911, don't use any sidewalk, street or highway and above all do not use the internet first created by the government you say can't help.

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Kansas lawmakers floating plenty of tax proposals

Sorry Eric, but that old dog won't hunt. You see taxes were not necessarily decreased for "Small Business" just businesses structured as Sub S, LLC or sole proprietorships. You might be surprised to learn that one of the "Small Businesses" that received a huge reduction in taxes was...Koch Industries. The elimination of taxes has not created enough jobs to cover the decrease in revenue. That means your children will be more poorly educated. Now tell me, what industry wants to relocate to a state that doesn't see the importance of an educated workforce? Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.

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Letter: Smear campaign

I am no fan of Sam Brownback, but we need to get past the last election and realize that whatever the reasons, he is the Governor for four more years.

November 25, 2014 at 7:57 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas has lower private-sector job growth than U.S. as a whole

In what alternate universe do you live. NY still has CORPORATE INCOME TAX and one of the highest person rates in the US. The also expanded Medicaid and take care of their poor. NY also spends much more per pupil than Kansas could ever imagine.

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Lawrence commission takes blame for defeat of police headquarters tax

1. Rock Chalk Park is KU, not the city. The Rec Center is the city's. At least with use fees the city will make back some of the cost of the center. A point that seems to be lost amidst the hatred for the Fritzel family.

2. Wrong location, wrong price, wrong method of finance. Sorry Mayor Amyx, but sales taxes are the wrong way to finance this project. They land more heavily on the poor and lower middle class.

3. If the city is going to purchase land put the police station in a high crime area, not next to the turnpike.

November 12, 2014 at 9:15 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Editorial: Football search

So now, besides being butt-hurt about not being a Regent, Dolph is apparently upset about not being on the committee. Boo fricken hoo. Neinas is paid for by KU Athletics, Inc. NOT the University.

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Letter: Wicked concerns

I have been a subscriber of Wicked for some time now. I have experienced none of the issues listed in Leslie's comment...none. Please keep in mind that the city is not being asked to loan Wicked the money, but to guarantee payment. If the proposal works, the city is out absolutely nothing. I have had service from Sunflower, AT&T Uverse, and Wicked. Wicked has been the most reliable of the three.

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New study suggests Lawrence may be the capital of part-time employees; city issues $46 million in debt

David - Businesses are created to meet DEMAND. Jobs will follow. The idea that progressive politics is somehow to blame for the large number of part-time workers is absurd. Lawrence happens to be centered between the state capital, providing guvmint jobs for professionals and Kansas City. Guess where the demand is? Its not in Lawrence.

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Editorial: Spending restraint

Geesh Scott...Its actually quite simple. It will attract more non bar patrons to the downtown area, especially during the holidays. That means more tax revenue for the state and city which is a good thing. Its also one more reason for people to visit Lawrence. I know this is hard for those of you who can only cry and whine about government, but sometimes you have to stand back and look at the overall picture. The city wants a more vibrant downtown. Now they will have one more perk to help make it happen.

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