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About 8,000 more Kansans sign up for insurance marketplace in January

No one lost their insurance, unless the insurance did not meet the standards in the ACA. That is on the insurance companies, not the ACA. Perhaps if reread the Constitution, you would understand that the executive if responsible for the enforcement of laws. In this case the Obama administration has chosen to delay enforcement of certain provisions to allow businesses to get their houses in order.

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Kansas legislators explain their votes on bill dealing with religious beliefs, gay rights

What religion, especially Christian, has beliefs that override the two commandments Christ gave us, the second of which is to "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Isn't this the same Christ who told those who would stone the adulterous woman, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"? Seems like an exercise in legalized discrimination and bigotry. I personally believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, but if the law allows other forms, who am I to judge?

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Kansas House bill would void academic standards

In the "Race to the Bottom" Kansas takes the lead over Mississippi. Sad.

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Kansas House approves allowing businesses to deny service to same-sex couples

Wouldn't it be easier to just have homosexuals wear a rainbow star, the Jews a yellow star, Muslims a crescent, and atheists and agnostics could have a different colored "A". Oh wait, its been done already.

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Kansas House panel expands gun-rights measure

This from the party of "Limited Government" unless it involves women's health or guns.

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Brownback's former tax consultant criticizes federal minimum wage as 'black teenage unemployment act'

What should we expect? Laffer is a discredited economist who created the greatest redistribution of wealth in history...upward to the rich from the poor. His is idea of reducing taxes to increase business opportunity, commonly referred to as supply side simply does not work in a demand based economy. Brownback's grand experiment is proving this again in Kansas. Its also interesting that most minimum wage jobs are not held by teenagers but by the recently unemployed adults, making his comments moot.

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County to seek gun law exemption

If you feel the need to carry a weapon on your person everywhere you go, you have some serious issues that need to be dealt with. Law abiding or not, it defies common sense.

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Kansas 42nd in teacher pay

42nd on our way to the bottom.

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Brownback not moving toward Medicaid expansion; criticizes health exchanges

Health Exchanges and using the marketplace was a Republican idea. In fact, most of the ACA was based on Republican proposals from the Clinton era. A Republican Governor in Massachusetts signed almost the exact same program into law. This has nothing to do with what Sam the Sham really feels, it has everything to do with the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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Chairman of Kansas Corporation Commission resigns

Good riddance to a chairman who always placed the interests of the utility ahead of the consumer. Of course Brownback will name the successor so it is likely more of the same.

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