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Court threatens to block new school funding plan

No wonder Sam wants to pack the court. They actually try to make sure the law is followed.

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Lawmaker likens abortion to Holocaust

Maybe someday all of us will come to the realization that we do not know when "life" truly begins. If at conception, then nature or a Creator has performed more abortions than doctors as fertilized eggs are routinely expelled during menses. We can all have our opinions, but to equate terminating a pregnancy by choice to the premeditated expungement of an entire sect of men women and children is an insult to those who endured the Holocaust. Let us also remember that the nation that practiced eugenics for the longest period of time is the US of A, not NAZI Germany.

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Rock Chalk Park audit recommends city make final $1M payment, but finds accounting of project was incomplete

There is a number of points that everyone seems to ignore. The audit basically said that the price was fair and the construction met the standards. So, we got what we paid for. Just what in the world is wrong with that? Just because you didn't want it built does not mean that anything illegal or unethical was done. By all accounts the facility is being used more than what was projected. So lets see...KU is happy with the results, Bliss is happy with the results, the folks who use the facility are happy with it, so what is the problem? Oh, that's right, we didn't vote on it. Well folks we live in a Republic. We elect officials to do our bidding, we don't vote, nor should we vote on every issue even large ones. That is what elections are for. Please do not elect a commission of disgruntled objectors to this project.

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Editorial: Opposing view

Rooker told the group that a majority of state legislators aren’t concerned with revenue shortfalls that resulted from the 2012 tax bill and are comfortable with funding cuts for public education. “They truly do not believe that government belongs in the realm of education,” she said.

Conservatives love to talk about the intent of the founding fathers. Well, the bill that mandated public education, or what today's tea partiers call Government Schools was written by John Adams. It was meant to insure that all citizens had access to an education. Actually, I believe Adams used the word FREE with education. Thus, government is a part of education and must be a part of education. But that is a minor issue compared to the notion that they are comfortable with revenue shortfalls. Do they think that the revenue fairy is suddenly going to drop cash into their laps? The idea of starving the beast is going to hurt all Kansans, not just the poor. Someone needs to ask these representatives of the people, "Who will come to Kansas when there are no services or education available?" The sun may be shining, but its going to be shining on empty spaces.

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Letter: Civil service

As a former State worker, the answer is not just, "No", but "Hell No". The state does not come close to paying salaries equal to the private sector. In theory the best benefit the State of Kansas has is its pension plan which is underfunded by nearly $9 Billion. Of course the current admin wants to change that to make it less attractive as well, Its a theory known as "Starve the Beast". Cut the size of government until it cannot function and then point at it and announce that it can't work.

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Letter: Brownback hypocrisy

Anyone who thinks that Sam the Sham didn't know what that add implied is being naïve.

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Letter: Tax truth

Nice use of the Tea Party spin machine. The top 1% owns way more than 38% of the wealth in the USA. they are paying the lowest income tax rates since the 1920's. If you happen to be a hedge fund manager you pay taxes at the Long Tern Capital Gain rate which is lower than the rate the average American pays. Shed no tears for the taxes paid by the wealthy. We are not living in an Ayn Rand novel. Taxes are not theft. They are the price we pay for a civilized society. The current Governor does not want to effective state government. His purpose should be obvious...he wants to starve the beast until it cannot possibly provide services. His pattern of privatizing services only benefits the owners of the contracts, not the citizens of Kansas. Revamping the tax code is a good idea, lets go back to the way it was under JFK, where there was still progression in the rates and the top rate was 70%. Lets get rid of the cap on Social Security so that all income is subject to FICA and Medicare. To answer another question you had, you single out one group, the middle class, because the wealthy don't need assistance; they have more than they need. The next time you don't think you benefit from taxes, remember to never call 911, don't use any sidewalk, street or highway and above all do not use the internet first created by the government you say can't help.

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Kansas lawmakers floating plenty of tax proposals

Sorry Eric, but that old dog won't hunt. You see taxes were not necessarily decreased for "Small Business" just businesses structured as Sub S, LLC or sole proprietorships. You might be surprised to learn that one of the "Small Businesses" that received a huge reduction in taxes was...Koch Industries. The elimination of taxes has not created enough jobs to cover the decrease in revenue. That means your children will be more poorly educated. Now tell me, what industry wants to relocate to a state that doesn't see the importance of an educated workforce? Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.

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Letter: Smear campaign

I am no fan of Sam Brownback, but we need to get past the last election and realize that whatever the reasons, he is the Governor for four more years.

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Kansas has lower private-sector job growth than U.S. as a whole

In what alternate universe do you live. NY still has CORPORATE INCOME TAX and one of the highest person rates in the US. The also expanded Medicaid and take care of their poor. NY also spends much more per pupil than Kansas could ever imagine.

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