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"Speakeasy" open in downtown Lawrence; more on school boundaries near Rock Chalk Park

Why should USD 297 reconsider? This same scenario is true in Wichita where it has grown into the Goddard, Maize and other districts.

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Letter: Plan questioned

As much as I hate to agree with Heckler, there is precedent for having more than one Police station; its known as neighborhood policing. By using this model the police have more interaction with residents. What the letter did not address was why the City finds it necessary to buy land that apparently no one else was interested in when the city already owns land that could serve for building a headquarters. In other words, who profits from building on the land purchased from Hallmark? I am guessing it is not the local taxpayer.

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KU-SMU soccer location moved

How can a hard fought match on turf cause a match to be moved?

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Fact-checking on Kansas economy reveals questionable claims

Poor Dave, still a slave to trickle down and the Koch's. Maybe someday he'll have an original, not paid for thought.

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City asked to cut downtown employees a break on parking; talk of a downtown liquor store versus downtown grocery

Obviously you have never worked in NYC where there is virtually no parking unless you would like to pay $20 or so per day. High rise apts, likely all condos, in NYC do NOT have parking facilities.

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Proposed shopping center near SLT faces uphill battle at City Hall

The folks who do research for retailers aren't stupid. They know what is going on at Rock Chalk Park and still they chose South Iowa. Maybe the commissioners should wake up and smell error of putting all their eggs in the Fritzel/Schwada basket to the Northwest. The Mercato site might work for those visiting Lawrence for events, but it may not be convenient unless you are coming here from Topeka or Lecompton.

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Letter: Local poverty

Unions will be making a comeback as the inequality between the haves and the working class continues to increase.

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Letter: Local poverty

A little research would show you that almost no company offers a pension. Just to be clear, a 401k is NOT a pension and was never designed to be a pension plan. I would guess that unless you are working for the State or Federal Government that you don't have a pension plan either.

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Letter: Planning changes

The idea of an underperforming retail market is laughable. If there is no demand for a product or service, the business will close. It could be that location was an issue. The developers in this case have done their homework and are willing to risk their money to build the project with zero government subsidy. Its called risk and reward. If it works they make money, if it doesn't they lose. The alternative is to do nothing ever because the city or county might have to spend money on infrastructure. BTW, Richard the two disasters you mention are occupied, just not the way they were intended, but occupied.

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