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School board to consider issuing MacBooks to all high school students

Another IT pro weighing in...MacBooks are too extravagant, but Chromebooks would be a waste in the opposite direction. Brandon is correct that if the district truly wants to make headway the first step would be to insure that every home ad reliable internet connectivity, wired or wireless. I appreciate the district wanting to improve technology but connectivity is needed before issuing hardware.

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Your Turn: Fight laws that allow guns on our campuses

Sorry Brock, but the State, you know the folks who actually own the property of KU, won't fork over the needed $$$ to install all of the safety measures needed. It will take more than $1 million just for Allen Fieldhouse and Memorial Stadium. The sane solution is to restrict the carrying of weapons on the campus. The right to bear arms, as you state is not absolute. There is also the right to regulate. Since Kansas has chosen to have no restrictions at all on carrying weapons, it needs be that some one needs to create a regulation. Having the campus ban firearms would not be an imposition to the vast majority of students, hence it is reasonable.

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Spokesman says Trump seeks 20 percent tax on Mexican imports to pay for wall

Lets get to real issue...we're talking a 20% tax on Oreos. That is flat unacceptable. Of course it is US consumers who will pay for it not the Mexicans. And Bob...the US has been a negative importer of Mexicans for a number of years, in other words, more are leaving than coming but I know that doesn't fit with your alternate facts.

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Kansas conservative think tank launching its own news service

Fake news, anyone?

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City: Oread hotel developer admitted to much of alleged tax scheme

Guess you forgot that those vaunted liberals Ronald Reagan and G W Bush created the bulk of that 20 trillion.

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Letter to the editor: State's safety net

Welcome to the land of "let's prove that trickle down and starve the beast really work." The experiment is not a failure, it's a disaster.

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Letter to the editor: Not affordable

C'mon Bob. If Kansas would simply try to establish a credible exchange there might actually be competition. Instead, this state has kept its proverbial head in the sand and thought that if they ignore it, it will go away. The losers are the people of Kansas. The ACA works where it is implemented as planned, see California.

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City moves forward with plan to make residents pay for sidewalk repair

Everyone seems to be forgetting that this is STATE law. Its not something that the City Manager or the Commissioners cooked up. You want it changed, take it up with the fine folks serving in the legislature in Topeka. As it is now, you are responsible for the sidewalk. This should not be a surprise if you have owned property in Kansas. Just because some cities have chosen to absorb the cost, doesn't mean they have to.

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Kansas unemployment rate goes up for 4th consecutive month

But, Sam said his program would create 25,000 new jobs. Is the sun still shining, Sam?

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