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Tonganoxie police shoot armed man, Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office investigating

I didnt see the article when it was first added and it does show that it was updated this evening, but the article states he was treated for a GUNSHOT wound not a shotgun wound. Wow people are any rate good job Tongie cops for keeping the citizens safe, hope the guy will get help if that is needed and this has a good outcome. On a lighter note, I wonder if said officer had to take the bullet out of his shirt pocket first? hehe ;) sorry couldnt resist

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Botched surgery case to test pain, suffering limits

Why do people get so sue-happy? Doctors are human and they do make mistakes, and before someone attacks me and says "well what if it happened to your loved-one" ??!! Well people it did. After 12 hours in labor, my daughters heart rate crashed, we ended up doing an emergency c-section, she was turned sideways and when the doctor made an incision, her cut her face. I was upset sure, it looked terrible, but she was alive that was all the mattered to me. 18 months later she is a healthy, happy toddler and I still see that scar on her cheek everyday, and I am just so glad that she is here, it never even crossed my mind to sue him.

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Faith at work: Area business owners find success mixing spirituality into brand

I bought a van from them back in Feb. and I didnt get the vibe that they were so religous and they certainly didnt make me feel like they were trying to push their beliefs on me. I have been to a doctor in Lawrence that asked me if I wanted to pray with him before he examined my daughter and that made me uncomfortable. I think advertising their beliefs isnt a big deal, they are not trying to push it onto anyone. I liked how I was treated at Academy Cars, and now I know why, they have values. They worked very hard to get me into the vehicle I needed but were mindfull of keeping my payment below what I knew I could afford. Thanks to them my four girls are riding around in a much more reliable and safe vehicle!! When my husband is ready for a different truck we will go back to them to buy it.

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Linwood attracts founders of GOD TV

jleigh thank you for defending Linwood, it really is sad that they painted the Harris House white, I keep hoping that it is just to prime it. I looked at the pictures online when it was for sale, and it was gorgeous inside, painting woodwork on a house like that is a crime with all of the history and how old it is.

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Linwood attracts founders of GOD TV

To everyone that is trashing Linwood, let me say that although I don't love the town, we do live here, and surprise of all surprises we are not Methheads, we are simply hard-working people who couldnt afford to pay a high-ass payment on a house in Tonganoxie where we had been living, so wanting to live the American dream and own a home and build equity, we had to go elsewhere to afford something big enough. We haven't had one single thing of ours messed with unlike in Tongie where my husband's tools were stolen out of his truck the first week we lived there. We go to church, both work hard and have wonderful kids who get good grades, doesn't sound like there is any meth use going on here!! So dont assume that everyone who lives here is crap scum.

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Body found in Naismith Hall identified

Wow whatever happened to the saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" I wish some people on here would do that. My condolences to the family.

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